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Hugo Sanchez was a legend in soccer and he is the second best player in history of soccer

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Q: Is better Hugo sanchez o Diego maradona?
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Who are the top 3 soccer players ever?

1. Pele 2. Hugo sanchez 3. Diego Maradona

When was Hugo Maradona born?

Hugo Maradona was born on 1969-05-09.

Is Hugo Sanchez dead?

No Hugo Sanchez is not yet dead.

How many brothers and sisters does Diego maradona have?

Maradona has 2 older sisters called rita and ana maria and 2 younger bothers called raul and Hugo maradona

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Hugo Sanchez Documentary - 2014?

The cast of Untitled Hugo Sanchez Documentary - 2014 includes: Hugo Sanchez

Who was Hugo Sanchez mom?

Maria Sanchez

Who is the dad of Hugo sanchez?

Mario sanchez

Is Lionel messi better than Hugo sanchez?

No Messi is a 92% good Sanchez is 97% good 3.Messi 2.Ronaldo 1.Sanchez

Is Hugo sanchez overrated?


Did Hugo sanchez lived in tijuana?


Which describes artificial selection?

hugo sanchez :)

Who is the best Mexican soccer player?

Hugo sanchez

Famous Mexican football player?

Hugo Sanchez.

What are soccer names that start with the letter s?

Hugo Sanchez

Who is the biggest pro soccer player ever?

Hugo Sanchez

Who is the best Mexican soccer player ever?

Hugo Sanchez.

Signed photograph of Hugo Sanchez where can I buy it?

Try Ebay or Amazon.

Which are the best players in the football soccer history in Mexico?

Hugo sanchez

Why did Hugo sanchez want to play soccer?

he wanted to follow his dream

When Hugo sanchez played soccer where did his team practice?

azteca staduim

What is Hugo Sanchez famous for?

Hugo Sanchez Marquez was a popular Mexican football coach who led his team to two championships. He was recognized by IFFHS as the 26th best footballer and the best footballer by CONCACAF.

What actors and actresses appeared in XV FIFA World Cup 1994 - 1994?

The cast of XV FIFA World Cup 1994 - 1994 includes: Carlos Alberto Parreira as Himself - Coach Brazil Diego Armando Maradona as himself Fernando Hierro as himself Julio Salinas as himself Hugo Sanchez as Himself - Mexico (1994) Mario Zagallo as Himself - Assistant

Football player of the year in 1994?

Mexican soccer player,Hugo Sanchez

Are there any famous soccer players with asthma?

does Hugo Sanchez still have asthma

Who was the most famous north American soccer player?

Hugo Sanchez according to Pelé.