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No, it is an NAIA school in the Mid-South Conference.

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Q: Is bethel university in tn a division II team?
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What division is delta state university football team?

Division II playing in the Gulf South Conference.

What division is university of Tampa for sports?

NCAA Division II.

Does Nova Southeastern University have a men's NCCA basketball team?

Yes. They compete in NCAA Division II in the Sunshine State Conference. They have played Division II basketball since 1982-83. Their mascot is the shark.

Is Kansas Wesleyan University a Division 1 school?

Kansas Wesleyan is NAIA Division II.

What division is Delta State University football?

Division II playing in the Gulf South Conference.

What conference does the university of Tampa in?

The Sunshine State conference - NCAA Division II

Has university of southern california football ever played a division ii team?

No, USC has never played a "Division II" football team. USC has played six games against current Division I-FCS teams, and is 6-0. USC has played 62 games against current Division III teams, and is 45-10-7. It's important to note that most of these games were played prior to the modern divisional format of the NCAA.

Does mercyhurst college have a football team?

Yes, Mercyhurst has a football team. They play NCAA Division II in the PSAC.

Winningest basketball coaches Division II and III?

By total number of wins: Division II - Herb Magee, Philadelphia University Divison III - Glenn Robinson, Franklin and Marshall College

Which collage football team won the National Championship in 1980?

Division I: Georgia Division I-A: Boise State Division II: California Poly Division III: Dayton source:

List division 2AA colleges in football?

NCAA Division II has no subdivisions like Division I does. So there is no Division II-AA, or, of course, II-A.

Can a woman play on a men's division II hockey team?

This is very easy to answer, since it is a MENS division they cant, they would be in the WOMANS division becasue you dont see any males in the womens division.

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