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Standard bench press is not necessarily bad for Baseball players, however, it is not the smartest exercise. Baseball requires long, lean muscles whereas the standard bench press builds small, tight muscles. The best form of bench press for baseball players is dumbell bench press because it requires the utilization of the stabilizer muscles in both arms and, therefore, strengthens the forearms, biceps, and triceps while maintaining long, lean muscles.

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Q: Is bench press bad for baseball players?
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How much can Scott steiner bench press?

Scott Steiner has reportedly stated he can bench press over 600 pounds. Others documented he has bench pressed 645 pounds.

How many baseball players played their entire career with the same team?

Bad players.

Is shooting your hips bad for bench press?

If you do it as a matter of form and balance, no. If you do it while squirming to get that last one rep, then it's very bad and could lead to injury.

How much can Joel Osteen bench press?

Osteen is a Buck Fifty soaking wet (150 lbs). The claim that he can bench 300 lbs is greatly exaggerated. He can lift maybe bench 200 on a smith machine....that would equate to somewhere between 150 and 175 lb on a regular bench press. Still not bad for a petite man, but a far cry from a massive 300 lbs.

I am 5´4 and weigh at about 100 I haven´t tried 100 yet but I bench press 70 is this good or bad?


Im 5ft 90lbs. and ll years old. And i can only bench press 60. Is that bad?

im 15 5'9 103 and bench like 45 so i mean its all about how fit you are and how fit u want to be

Is it bad to bench press every day?

if You use less than 60% of your 1 rep max it's ok, otherwise you should only every oyther day if you're going to be bench pressing in order to get stronger or bigger, then no, do not bench press every day. If you are a woman or a man who wants to lift like a woman or look like a woman, then feel free to. Bench press is a man's lift. A big lift. A growing lift. You should bench press once per week. maybe twice. but go for big weight each time. Bench press is not cardio. So stay away from 60% max crap and stay strong.

What nba players scored 0 points in a single game?

Usually, bench players are the ones who haven't scored a single point in a game. They are reserves or substitutes to the main players of their team. But sometimes, even a main player can have a bad day and score nothing.

You are 127 pounds 5 foot 7 and 21 years old you are male you think you can bench press 75 pounds is that good or bad?

The fact that you can benchpress anything is enough to be happy about. what the hell!!!! I'm 150 lbs , 5 foot 9 and I'm only 12 years old and i can bench press 110 lbs

Why do players never step on the foul line in baseball?

It's a superstition many players (including me) have. Stepping on the foul line gives you bad luck.

When was Bad Press created?

Bad Press was created in 2003.

Is stretching bad for baseball players?

Stretching is good for all athletes and people unless you are specifically told not to by a doctor.