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Q: Is batting AVG more important then OPS?
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Who is more secretive black ops or covert ops?

from my readings i have found Black ops to be more unannounced so my answer would be Black ops google it if u need to

Is modern warfare 2 more addicting then call of duty black ops?

No there are more people that play Black Ops

Which is better Black Ops or Halo reach?

Black Ops. It's more realistic and if one had the choice for one, Black Ops is the better choice (in my opinion).

What sold more black ops or modern warfare 2?

Black Ops, by a clear mile. Black ops is the most sold game ever.

What happens on black ops for when you get the 15th prestige level on black ops for Wii?

you unlock more emblems

Is black ops better on the PS3 or Xbox 360?

It's better on both of them than the Wii or DS otherwise your system set up is more important than console choice

How do get other more players in black ops?

Invite them

How do you get more levels on black ops zombies?

Buy Them

What Is black ops or modern warfare 2 more violante?

They are both contain strong violence but Black Ops would surpass it due to some of the torture and deaths in the campaign. There is also more blood in Black Ops then Modern Warfare 2.

How do you get more coins on goodgame cafe?

All you have to do is complete more achieve more achievements and Co-Ops

Is the tenth mountain divivsion considered special ops?

they are not officially considered special ops but they are more special ops than regular infantry. They might as well be special ops. i have a friend that is going into 10th mountain so i know.

What is more better in Black Ops The Thundergun or the Raygun?

Knife. no...