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Q: Is baton twirling in the Olympics or was it ever in the Olympics?
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Related questions

How did baton twirling start?

Baton Twirling believe it or not started by being a male dominate sport. Baton Twirling came from the drum major

What country did baton twirling come from?

the dutch are credited for creating modern baton twirling so in the netherlands. which is ironic because baton twirling worlds for nbta was held there in 2006.

What can you find information on baton twirling?

please see the question "where can you find information on baton twirling?"

How do you say baton twirling in Spanish?

you say baton twirling in Spanish like this: "Betom' lemano"

When was baton twirling invented?

Baton twirling first came about in Western Europe and Asia in the early 1900s . Actual batons were not used until later on. The World Baton Twirling Federation was created in 1977.

Who started baton twirling?

Baton twirling as a sport has an unknown origin. Many people say that the Dutch introduced baton twirling to America in 1681 when they landed in Pennsylvania, others say Major Millsap's created baton twirling when he established Millsap's College in Mississippi after the Civil War.

Which sport is ruled by the WBTF?

baton twirling. wbtf stands for world baton twirling federation. there are other baton twirling organizations though. heres the link for the wbtf website.

What year did baton twirling start?

Baton twirling started in 1977 in London, England. The popularity brought many countries together to have world baton twirling competitions.

How do you earn the presidential sports award in baton twirling?

Source: BATON TWIRLING # Practice twirling skills and/or compete in baton twirling minimum 50 hours; no more than two hours credited daily. Practice must include work in minimum two of the recognized eventsa. batonb. batonc. baton, strut, dance twirl, group twirling). # Participate minimum three organized competitions.

Where was twirling baton originated?

Baton Twirling was invented by the DUTCH. Baton Twirling is a sport involving dance, gymnastics, and some cheerleading. You use a long metal stick called a baton and twirl it. You spin it, toss it, and dance while twirling it. Competiotions are held everywhere in the world. Japan is famous for it. Batons are used by twirlers, cheerleaders, and many other things, like drum majors.

What has the author Jim W Hawkins written?

Jim W. Hawkins has written: 'Baton twirling is for me' -- subject(s): Baton twirling

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Baton Twirling Project - 2011?

The cast of Untitled Baton Twirling Project - 2011 includes: Jessica Biel

Where did baton twirling first start?

it is believed that the dutch first incorporated the idea of baton twirling, but there have been changes made to the idea all over the world.

Is baton twirling cool?

baton twirling is a sort of cool thing to do because it takes days, months, and maybe years to perfect this skill and its really hard to do

Where to get a baton?

You can buy a baton in any shop who sell twirling items, online you can order at who sell Starline twirling batons or a good music store

Which of these is not usually par of the musical theater?

Baton twirling -apex if you dont have juggling as an answer

What is a hollow metal rod for twirling?

a baton

What does twirling mean?

Twirl a baton, I believe.

Where can you find information about baton twirling? and just do a google search for "baton twirling" and you should find some stuff

What has the author Fred W Miller written?

Fred W. Miller has written: 'The complete book of baton twirling' -- subject(s): Baton twirling

Is baton a sport?

Baton twirling naturally involves twirling a baton, which is a balanced stick usually comprised of metal, but at competitive levels, baton twirling is much more. As with gymnastics, figure skating, and other sports combining agility with grace, competitive baton twirling requires a routine containing mandatory elements for scoring points. In a competition, a baton twirler may be required to twirl vertically, or perpendicular to the floor, and horizontally. Similarly, they are required to make a certain number of catches and releases and vary them throughout their routine. Baton twirling at some levels of competition requires twirlers to use more than one baton. Baton twirling is an essential element to many marching band performances, where you will see twirlers not only as drum majorettes, but also twirling other objects such as rifles, flags, and even flames. Twirlers are an integral part of a marching band performance as they add visual appeal to the overall musical performance. Many participants in middle and high school marching band drill teams, flag corps, and color guards may also be involved in competitive baton twirling individually.

Where can one learn about baton twirling?

The best place to learn how to perform baton twirling is through YouTube, as it gives you tutorial videos so you know exactly how to perform this movement.

What is a better thing to do baton twirling or cheeerleading?

both because baton twirling is like cheerleading but with a stick im am not going to say which is better because that is an opinion, but i will say that i disagree with the first answer. baton twirling is not like cheerleading with a stick because you have to learn physics to know the revolution of and speed of the baton, body placement under a metal stick that really hurts if it hits you, flexibility for being able to move under a flaming baton, partnering to learn how to throw the baton to your partner and figure out exactly where it should land, and how to protect oyurself from injuries both internally and externally involving a baton. baton twirling is not cheerleading with a stick. and this is coming from a cheerleader and a baton twirler. i know both sides of the story.

How does the baton twirling points system work?

depends on which type of twirling you do- as in dma, nbta, usta, whatever. and it also on the event ur competing in- as in solo, rhythmic, two baton, etc.

How long has baton twirling been recognized as a sport?