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No. Basketball was invented in Canada and the Canadian game comes from an earlier version of the game called Net Ball which is a womens game played still in England.

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Your absolutely right 😀

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Q: Is basketball only played in the us?
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When did basketball started in the us?

The first game of basketball was played in 1891.

What is the most sport played in the US?


What are the most played sports in the US?


What sport is played the most in US?


Sport most played in the us?


Soccer is more popular than basketball Do you agree with this statement?

Basket ball is only played in the US. Soccer is played in the whole world including US. I think Soccer is more popular.

What is a sport only played outside of the US?

netball- its like basketball with no net, no backboard, higher goals, and you can't run with the ball. it is played in Australia, mostly by girls.

What is the only sport invented entirely in the US?

Basketball. nacar

Most Played Sport in US?

First is basketball, then football and baseball.

What is the popular sports played and watched in the US?

football, baseball, basketball

What is the most played high school sport in the us?

basketball and football

What are the most widely played sports in the US?

Baseball, football, and basketball.

What sport do they play in Nepal?

They Only Played Football (Soccer) and Basketball.

What was Coach K's only loss as US Basketball coach?


What are the four most played sports in the US?

football, baseball, basketball and hockey

The least played sport in the world?

it basketball Answer: Actually, it's not basketball. Basketball is played from America to Europe To Asia and so on. I would believe it all depends on your definition of sports. Nascar could be least played as it is only in America.

Did BJ Raji play basketball in college?

No, BJ Raji only played basketball till his sophomore year in highschool.

Did Michael Jackson play baseball?

No, the only sport he occasionally played was basketball.

What channel does us Olympics basketball come on?

BBC 1 then click red and select basketball that way (UK only)

Were and when was basketball first played?

Basketball was first played in NewYork.

When is basketball played?

Basketball is played during the Fall to the Spring

Most popular sport played by kid in the US?

The most sport played is baseball, basketball, cheerleader's, football.

Why is the US is the best in basketball?

The game was invented here, and is played by children as soon as they can walk.

What was the name of the basketball game played in 1976 between Russia and the US?

Highway robbery

What US senator once played basketball for the New York Knicks?

Bill Bradley