Is basketball fake

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No?? Fragments

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Q: Is basketball fake
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Is NBA basketball fake?


Do female basketball players have fake ponytails?


Is the rim noise in basketball games fake?


Should you wear fake jordans to basketball practice?

Well i didnt know fake jordans were real but no...if you wear anything fake everyone will think your not serious about basketball unless it is a recreational league or something like the YMCA, you don't want to be thought of as a phony

In basketball when you catch a rebound can you fake a shot then dribble?

yes, that is perfectly legal. just don't jump to fake the shot, that would be traveling.

What does double clutch mean in basketball?

It's when you fake a shot, and then shoot with the other hand.

Why do basketballs have fake seams?

because you don't need real seams to make a basketball.

Are you allowed to pump fake then move in basketball?

it all depends if moved both feet and if you dribbled before. if not then yes.

Names of basketball moves?

Some of the more popular ones are the fadeaway, the crossover, the half crossover, and the pump fake.

What is a feint in basketball?

A feints is when a player uses ball handling skills to fake a pass to another of his team members when surrounded by an opposing team defender. Feints are used to throw off direction and to trick your opposing team. Its not just passing that a player could feint (fake) a player could fake a jump shot and make a pass to less guarded team member etc. A player can feint anything! It helps to understand little technical vocab in basketball to understand. And basketball 'feinting' has nothing to do with collapsing on the ground ('fainting')

What makes a good block in basketball?

I think Making a good blocker is to MARK!! and keep an eye on your marker(who you are marking)Do fake passes to Have a better chance of winning and have a chat with your basketball team mates of how your going to positions...This will make a better marker AND basketball player :)

What are basketball playing techniques?

You can fake people out and pass to other players when no one is looking at you. You can pretend to do different things, when you really do something else.

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