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Yes definitely, you get to maneuver the ball at your pace and use your own strategies. I would definitely recommend Basketball over Golf.


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Q: Is basketball a much more exciting sport than golf?
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Is this an opinion or fact Basketball is more interesting to watch than golf?

Is Basketball is a much more exciting sport than golf

Is basketball much more exciting sport than golf?

Yes definitely, you get to maneuver the ball at your pace and use your own strategies. I would definitely recommend Basketball over Golf. Llama

Golf and basketball which sport has more money?

basketball because a lot of players get out there rich than golf

Which sport has best athletes?

Well a lot of people say that golf has the best athletes but it's actually basketball. Who says that golfer are more athletic? Definitely Basketball or soccer

Is golf a man's sport?

Golf is a sport for both men and women, however far more men play golf and the mens' game is more popular.

Who makes more money golf or basketball players?

basketball players

Which sport makes more money basketball or hockey?


Which sport do you run more in basketball or baseball?

basketball obviously

Which sport has more fans baseball are basketball?

Probably Basketball.

What sport pays more?

I think the highest paying sport would have to be golf.

Why do some people like hockey when basketball is more exciting?

Whether you like hockey or basketball is , of course, a personal preference. As an ice hockey fan, I love the speed, body contact, violent nature, etc., of hockey which basketball doesn't have. But I follow basketball because it has a different skill set and is exciting in its own way. So my recommendation is: enjoy both for what each sport has to offer!!

What sport is better basketball or wrestling why?

it is basketball because you get more playing time

Which sport requires more skill soccer or basketball?

id say basketball

What sport is more popular basketball or netball?


Which sport is more popular to play tennis or golf?


What is more popular skateboarding or basketball?

Basketball is a more widely played sport but I guess its whoever you talk to Skateboarding is much more popular than basketball because I ask people what is your favorite sport between basketball or skateboarding and they say skateboarding.

Is golf played by more people than anyother sport?

Yes. Soccer is the most popular spectator sport but golf is the most played sport by people of all ages.

Which indoor sport attracts more participants that any other indoor sport?


Do more people play basketball or golf?

go to http.basketballfitness.//.com

What are some favorite sports in the US?

baseball, football, and basketball are the 3 top sports. the most popular is either football or baseball. most people like one or the other, and there are generally more people who think football is more exciting, so football is considered the most popular american sport, baseball second, and basketball third. Soccer, swimming, golf, and wrestling are also some big ones...

Is NASCAR more popular than basketball?

No, basketball is much more popular than NASCAR, which is not even a sport

Is it basketball is a more physical sport than fishing or basketball is a most physical sport than fishing?

fishing is more phisycal as reeling in the line is very hard

Should women's sport have more tv coverage?

Yes because it is just as exciting as men's sport and it is often funnier.

Which sport is watched more football or basketball?

it must be football

Is soccer bigger than baseball basketball and football combined?

No. Basketball is now bigger than Soccer, Football is more popular and Baseball is more exciting