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Q: Is baseball still considered America's pastime?
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Why is golf still considered to be a sport?

Because it is a sport.The third definition of SPORT is: An active pastime; recreation.See:

What is the most popular sport among American teens?

American teens still enjoy America's pastime, baseball, the most. However, Major League Soccer is nearly as popular as Major League Baseball.

Was the pastime arena the roller garden?

Actually, the Pastime Arena in St. Louis Park, Minnesota had a name change to what is now the Roller Garden. It is still located at 5622 West Lake Street in St. Louis Park. (55416)

Does Americas funniest videos still have new episodes?


What countries in the Americas still speak native languages?

There are a few indigenous language speakers in most of the countries in the Americas.

Who was involved in the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange involved the trade of slaves, corn, and horses. The only two countries involved were Europe and Africa. The Americas were still considered colonies.

What parts of Europe still had slavery when Christopher Columbus started the slave trade to the Americas?

What parts of Europe still had slavery when Christopher Columbus started the slave trade to the Americas?

What sport is popular track or baseball?

Worldwide, track and field is more popular. Baseball is still considered "All-American" and though other countries play, it's not as cross cultural as track. They still have track in the Olympics, and Baseball was removed.

Is Americas funniest videos still on?

Yes it is still on and channel #49almost every weekend

What avenue is avenue of the Americas?

Avenue of the Americas is the legal name of Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. Locals still call it Sixth Avenue.

Singer is Kevin skinner still in Americas got talent?

he won

Is American football the American national sport?

Yes. Baseball is still considered the pasttime and basketball and hockey remain strong sports, but football is considered truly America's Game.

Pastime with good company written by Henry VIII?

Yes Henry VIII had composed this song which was a very famous song which is still sung today.

If you are 11 years old are you still considered a child?

Yes you are still considered a child.

What areas in the Americas still reflect a strong French influence?

Quebec and Louisiana

Is Roberto Clemente the best baseball player ever?

No. However, he was and still is considered one of the all time greats. His career may have been cut short due to untimely death, but he still managed to have an extraordinary career. Babe Ruth is still regarded as the "best baseball player ever"

Is mars still considered a planet?

Yes, Mars is still considered a planet, and has never been considered for a downgrade like Pluto.

Are you still considered gay if you do not marry?

Yes, the same way you are still considered straight if you do not marry.

Are teens still considered kids?

No they are considered teenagers

How did Spain strengthen its colonies in the Americas?

Spain strengthened its colonies in the Americas by offering free land to Spanish aristocrats. Many of the their descendants still in those areas today.

Are people still being executed?

Yes. Americas army dous it all the time.

Is Americas funniest home videos still on air?

yes it is, check your local listings.

If two vegetarians are fighting is it still considered beef?


What crop was the most important food in the Americas?

Maize (or corn) was the most important food in the Americas during ancient times, and it still is. The Olmecs and Mayans cultivated it throughout Mesoamerica. Once Europeans made contact with the Americas, they carried it back to Europe.

Did a loyalist act bad or good?

If you were surpporting the Americas then bad but if you were still attached to England then good.