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the two are pretty much the same. the only things different are that in Baseball the runner can lead off earlier, and the pitches are over hand. in softball the runner has to wait until the ball is pitched before leading off, and the pitches are under hand. some of the rules are different but that's it.

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Q: Is baseball and softball the same?
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How is softball and baseball the same?

Softball and Baseball are not the same, but Softball is derived from baseball so they are in the same "family" if you will.Hope I helped.

What are the sizes of baseball and softball bats?

16 to 36 for baseball same for softball.

Is there any difference in the stitches in a baseball and a softball?

No there is not difference in the stitches of a baseball and softball. The softball is just larger, but the stitches are the same.

What are the equipments used for softball?

same as baseball, but the actual softball is bigger in size than the baseball

How is softball different from baseball?

softball has a bigger ball and despite its name, the official softball is the same hard as a baseball also, the ball is pitched underarm in softball

Does a baseball or a softball goes further if you hit it from the same distance?

no, thethe gravity of a baseball is bigger than a softball's. so baseball has more friction than softball. hence, if you hit both of them from the same speed ,baseball will go further than softball.

Is the dress for baseball and softball the same?

No its not. In baseball you wear longs tight pants and in softball you wear shorts.

The fundamentals of softball are the same as this game?

A. Baseball

What are rules to a softball game?

they are the same as in baseball

Who controls softball?

umpire same as baseball

The fundamentals of softball are the same as the game?

A. Baseball

When thrown by the same person which can be thrown farther a baseball or a softball?

A baseball can

Size of softball home plate?

same as baseball

How do you keep score in a softball game?

The same as baseball

Does a softball weigh more then a baseball?

they weigh about the same

How do you play a game of softball?

The same way as baseball

What is inning in softball?

Same as baseball 3OUTS! for each team

What are the infielders position for softball?

same as baseball but with a bigger ball

Why are the rules of baseball and softball different?

The rules aren't that different actually. Softball and baseball are nearly the same sport, with just a few minor differences.

What is the layout of a rounders field?

basically the same as a baseball and softball field

How many balls means a walk in a softball?

Four, same as in baseball.

How many outs in softball?

the same as baseball 3 strikes your out.

What is a cycle in softball?

In baseball, it is when a player hits a single, double, triple and home run (in any order, but if in that order a natural cycle)in the same game, so it is probably the same thing in softball. It is the same in softball as well.

Is a baseball or a softball heavier?

A softball

What is heavier a baseball or a softball?

a softball