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No... not really spend the extra $ for a name brand like Honda, yamaha, suzuki, or kawasaki

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โˆ™ 2010-02-25 00:34:01
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Q: Is baja a good dirt bike?
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How big is the rear tire tube on a baja 70cc dirt bike?

the rear tire tube on a 70cc baja dirt bike is 3.0-12

What is the worst brand dirt bike?

Baja is my pick personally. Because of its not so good looks and not many pro's ride Baja.

What is the easiest dirt bike to learn how to ride?

baja 70 dirt bike from Canadian tire its easy to ride and also fun

70cc Baja Motorsports Dirt Runner Dirt Bike faster?

because it is as fit as a flea

What kind of gas do you put in your baja dirt bike?

Wawa unleaded.

How can you make your 70cc baja dirt bike faster?

A 70 cc Baja dirt bike can be made faster by installing bolt-on engine options. The intake and exhaust systems are the most basic upgrades and can quickly raise power making the bike faster.

How fast is a 70cc baja dirt bike?

1 000 000 MPH

How fast is a baja 70cc dirt bike?

I clocked mine at 41 mph.

What are the good things about the dirt bike?

Good information about the dirt bike is that you can ride them when they are not anything to do

How fast is a 50cc baja dirt bike go?

i think it goes 40mph or faster

The dirt bike won the baja 1000 in 2004?

honda 450 r or x

Is the baja mini bike good for riding rough trails like a dirt bike would?

Yes it is great for that and is also good for mudding and riding through creeks and i did stuff to mine to make it go 45 MPH !

How fast does a 90cc baja dirt bike go?

about 40mph+ or 50mph+ depending on riders weight

What is a dirt bike rider?

any body that can ride a dirt bike safly and good

Should I use Baja motorsports for my water bike ?

No, Baja motorsports does not sell water bikes. They only sell ATV's, dirt bikes, go-karts, minibikes, and scooters. They also sell certain bike parts.

How do you start the dirt bike 49cc baja?

to start the dirt bike you press the red switch on the handle. then make sure the little black lever by the engine is down. then make sure the fuel is open.

Is a baja dirt bug good in dirt?

over all its really fun and worth the money

Do you mixed gas for a 90cc baja dirt bike?

you only use mixed oil if its a 2-stroke dirtbike

What is the best pocket bike for a beginner?

I think that the best pocket bike for a beginner might be the baja doodlebug. It goes a good speed for a beginner and it can also help teach them about engines and upkeep of a bike. Baja is a very good brand too.

What is the cheapest kind of dirt bike?

I would probably have to say that baja dirtbikes are the cheapest...they arent as good as Honda Or suzuki or anything like that but they are pretty good and pretty cheap...go on baja and they will show you all the different dirtbikes they have

Baja x 150 dirt bike picture diagram?

It is not possible to display pictures on this site. It is suggested you do an image search

How fast do a baja 70cc dirt bike go?

Ive had mine up to 45mph but it depends on the riders Wait and terrain

What are dirt bike boots good for?

They are made for 1 thing, protecting your feet while riding a dirt bike.

Where is the timor on a 125cc motorbike?

There is not a timer on the dirt bike itself, you have to take it to a retailer and have them plug a machine into the computer of the dirt bike, it will display how many hours (off brands such as baja generally dont have the computer capability to read out how many hours are on the bike) for a street bike, you have to apply generally the same process

How do by a dirt bike?

Just save your money and look for a decent used bike for a first bike. There are lots of good used dirt bikes if you know what to look at when buying a bike.

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