Is badminton really a sport

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Yes Badmiton really is a sport. If you want to see what it is like look up badmiton on YouTube.

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Q: Is badminton really a sport
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What sport uses a shuttle cock?

Really? Badminton

What is a sport know one really plays?

no one really plays badminton..

When did badminton became an olympic sport?

Badminton was a demonstration sport in 1972, an exhibition sport in 1988, and a full medal sport in 1992. Badminton most certainly began on the Asian continent, but the exact origins are unknown. By : Joanna100 =)

What sport can badminton be compared to?

Badminton can be compared to the sport tennis.

Is badminton just a girls sport?

No. Both men and women play the sport of badminton.

What are the batting rules for badminton?

There is no such term as batting in the sport of badminton.

What is the worlds fastest racquet sport?

Badminton is... not tennis

Is badminton a summer sport or winter sport?

Summer! Competitive badminton is played indoors and can be played in all seasons.

What sport has a shuttlcock in it?


Why did the inventor create badminton for?

because badminton is the best sport in the world

What type of game is badminton?

Hit the birdie.

What sport takes place at badminton in gloucestershire?

The Badminton Horse Trials