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Yes, Badminton is most popular in Asian countries.

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Q: Is badminton most popular in Asian countries?
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What countries is badminton played?

Badminton is the national sport of Indonesia and Singapore and is the 5th most popular sport in the world.

What Asian Countries are the worlds most two most popular countries?

China & South Korea

What are the most popular Islamic Asian countries?

The most populated Islamic countries in Asia are Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

What are the more popular Olympic sports?

Different sports are popular in different countries. (Eg. Badminton in Japan, Basketball in USA, Rowing in Great Britian.) But Athletics is a sport popular in most countries.

In which countries is bowling the most popular?

Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

Why is sushi the most popular food in japan?

It's not, its the most popular Japanese food in the states. The most popular food in japan is rice like most Asian countries.

What continent is badminton most popular in?


What countries is bowling played in?

Tenpin bowling is played all over the world. It is most popular in the US and UK, but is very popular in Asian countries as well. It is the most popular indoor sport in the world.

What was the most popular sport in the Tudor times?


Where is Buddhism most popular?

primarily in China and parts of India, some in other southeast Asian countries

What is the most popular brand of badminton racket?

From what I've seen, the most popular would have to be Yonex.

Most popular sports in Vietnam?

Soccer, tennis, badminton..

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