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Q: Is badminton an indoor game
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Related questions

Is badminton a indoor game?

yes,Badminton can be played outside and inside if its not windy.

Why is it that the badminton is an indoor game?

Because there is wind outdoors...

Is badminton an outdoor game or an indoor game?

Badminton can be played indoors or outdoors. However, most competitive matches are played inside.

Is the badminton a indoor game?

yes it is, however it can be played outside for fun. but its supposed to be an indoor game hope that helps :)

Is badminton an indoor or an outdoor game?

Mostly, we play badminton outdoors, especially during an Olympic or a match as its fesh and well, a much better, wider space, open-wide for playing. But some also play badminton indoors such as in sport stadiums, but majority is outdoors.

What is the maximum ceiling height for an indoor badminton court?

maximum ceiling height of an indoor shuttlecock court

Equipment and facilities of badminton?

A badminton racket, shuttle cock, badminton net, sensible clothing (sports where), a hall or indoor facility with badminton court markings on the floor.

Why is badminton is best played indoor?

B/c the shuttlecock is very light, any wind is likely to make the game very unfair.

Which are indoor games?

badminton, billiards, snooker and board games like backgammon are all indoor games

Is wrestling an indoor or outdoor game?

indoor game

How much does it cost to build an indoor badminton court?


What sports do men and women compete equally?

Indoor Cricket, Badminton

Badminton is national game of which country?

badminton is not a national game

Is badminton a Olympic game?

Yes,badminton is an olympic game.

What has the author Pat Davis written?

Pat Davis has written: 'How to play badminton' -- subject(s): Badminton (Game) 'The encyclopaedia of badminton' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Badminton (Game) 'Badminton complete' -- subject(s): Badminton (Game)

What is the minimum ceiling height for an indoor badminton court?

5 m max

Where is badminton most played?

badminton is a international game inthe world but, badminton game most played in Malaysia and china.

What do you mean by the badminton attire?

Comfortable sports gear with either indoor, or outdoor, footwear.

What is the venue of yog badminton at?

Depends on which match. Singapore Indoor Stadium for the first match.

What type of game is badminton?

Badminton is a Racquet sport!

How is a badminton game scored?

A badminton game is scored by hitting the birdie to the other side of the net.

Which country's national game is Badminton?

englandBadminton is the National Game of Indonesia & Singapore.

What is the equepment of the game of badminton?

The equiments are a shuttlecock,a racquet,a pair of badminton shoes and a badminton net.

What kind of sports are there in action indoor sports?

Badminton, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Table Tennis

What is badminton?

Badminton is an indoor/outdoor game played with racket and shuttle cocks. The game as such was started in PUNE (India) later the game was given a boost in England with the name of the hall as "Badminton" was used to give the game its official name. From then on Badminton was taken up as a recreational sport rather than competative before the game was picked up by the Asian giants like Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Korea, Hongkong etc... and countries like Denmark, Germany, Russia picked up the game later on. Badminton is the world's fastest racket sport with a speed of a smash reaching 150KM/PH. Some of the terminologies used in Badminton...... Service/drops/smash/net play/dribble/toss/clears/forehand/backhand/let/setting/drills/shuttle picking/ Game is played for 21 points with best of 5 games (scoring is TT scoring )