Is art favre related to Brett Favre?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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yes, distant cousins from MS.

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Q: Is art favre related to Brett Favre?
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It's not Brett Favre's house. It is Art Favre's.

Is Art Favre married?

Art favre was brett's dad and he is now dead. His widow is bonita

Did Brett Whiteley enjoy art in school?

Brett Whiteley did enjoy art in school that's why he became an artist

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Abstract Art.

What art movement did Brett Whiteley start and how long did it last?

he started what is called the Contemporary art movement and it has lasted since the 60's and 70'suntilnow.

Did Brett Whiteley enjoy art at school?

yes he did because if he didn't he wouldn't of become a famous artist

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