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Not exactly, it is a little closer to the Missouri side, so no, is it not on the Missouri border!!

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Q: Is arrowhead stadium located on the border of Missouri?
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What oceans border Missouri?

No oceans border the state of Missouri. It's located in the middle of the United States of America.

Is St. Louis close to Illinois?

St. Louis, Missouri is located on the Illinois/Missouri border.

Is Missouri on the border of Mississippi?

Mississippi is southeast of Missouri and does not border Missouri.

Where are the border states located in the civil war?

In the Upper South - Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware.

What is the distance from the Missouri border to Kansas City Missouri?

Kansas City is on the western border of Missouri; it's 240 miles to the eastern border.

What state is located west on the Mississippi River?

Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas border the west side of the Mississippi River.

Where is Johnson county ks?

Johnson County, Kansas is located along the eastern border of Kansas bordering Missouri.

What two US cities are accessible via a border town called Moark?

The two US cities that are accessible via the border town of Moark are St. Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee. Moark is located on the border of Missouri and Arkansas, making it an entry point to these two cities.

Where is kanas city located?

Kansas City is located in the state of Missouri, in the United States. It is situated near the border with the state of Kansas, hence its name.

Where is silver dollar city located?

Branson, MO. It's not actually a "city", rather a theme park and local attraction.

Which two states tie for sharing borders with the greatest number of other states?

Tennessee and Missouri both border 8 states.

What two states have kanasa city?

Kansas City is located in two states: Missouri and Kansas. The city straddles the border between the two states, with the larger portion of the city being in Missouri.