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Go to any Irish community area, like an Irish club or a GAA club, of which there are many in America, and you will get information on how to see the matches, or you will just be able to watch them in those places. All over America, and the world, Irish people come together to watch matches from Ireland, so all you need to do is to find out where your local Irish clubs are and they will tell you how to see the games. Better still, watch them with those people. It'll be much more fun than watching it at home, as you won't have the atmosphere that you'll get at those gatherings.

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Outside of Ireland, it may be on some satellite channels. It can also be seen online at the RTE website, at the link below.

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Q: Is any tv station showing the Gaelic Football match from Croke Park in Dublin today?
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Does dublin playfootball?

Dublin in Ireland has teams involved in various forms of football such as Gaelic Football, Soccer and Rugby.

Who is the dublin captain 2011?

Bryan Cullen is the captain of the Dublin Gaelic Football Senior Team for 2011.

Name two players who play football for dublin?

Alan Brogan and Stephen Cluxton both play for the Dublin Gaelic Football team.

Who has Arnotts sponsored?

Arnotts used to sponsor the Dublin Gaelic Football team.

What is the best known sport in Dublin?

Though people play international sports like basketball and football (soccer) the most popular Irish sports in dublin are Gaelic Football and Hurling. They are better at Gaelic Football but both are very popular. They would be the equivalent of baseball and football in America

What type of sports do they play in Dublin?

Horse racing ,soccer,rugby,gaelic football

Who won the Irish football cup final on 1977?

If you are referring to Irish soccer, then it was Dundalk. If you are referring to Gaelic Football, then in was Dublin.

Did Dublin win their Gaelic Football match on the 7th of March 2010?

Yes. Dublin beat Mayo by 1 - 9 to 1 - 8.

How many times has Dublin Gaelic football team won the Championship?

As of the end of the 2016 championship, Dublin have won the All-Ireland senior football championship 26 times.18911892189418971898189919011902190619071908192119221923194219581963197419761977198319952011201320152016

What is a major sport in Dublin Ireland?

Ireland's two main national sports are Gaelic Football and Hurling. Some parts of Ireland are stronger in one than in the other. Dublin is more known for its Gaelic Football. Other popular sports in Dublin would be soccer, rugby, golf and horseracing, amongst others.

What Gaelic team won the world cup in 2011?

There is no World Cup in Gaelic Football. The biggest competition is the All-Ireland championship. In 2011 Dublin won it.

What 2 teams played in croke park on the 21st November 1920?

The Dublin and Tipperary Gaelic Football teams.