Is any body playing in GAA today?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The GAA is the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world. Many people are playing GAA matches, both Hurling and Gaelic Football and other GAA sports. Gaelic Football is the most popular sport in Ireland. Last weekend one match in Dublin had a bigger attendance than the Superbowl did, by about 9,000 people.

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Q: Is any body playing in GAA today?
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Do you have to be Irish to join a GAA?

No. GAA clubs welcome all members of any nationality. The GAA is an Irish organisation and it is found around the world where there are large groups of Irish people, so members are mostly Irish, but there are many members that are not from Ireland.

What are the GAA colors?

Every county and club that are part of the GAA have their own colours. Many colours in different arrangements are used for the shirts of the clubs and on their flags. The GAA itself does not have any specific colours. It changes its image every so often. Its current logo is blue and white, but they would not really be said to be the GAA colours.

What is the GAA?

The governing body of Gaelic Football and Hurling, Ireland's two national sports is the Gaelic Athletic Association, known as the GAA. It was founded in 1884. It is still the governing body of Gaelic Football and Hurling along with some other sports now, but Gaelic Football and Hurling were in existence long before 1884. The GAA just put more structures in place to promote the game and throughout the last 125 years it has governed the game and helped it. They started specific competitions and have overseen the rules of the game. The game as played in 1884 and as played now has changed as new rules are added, changed or removed by the GAA, as is the case for all governing bodies of sports. Every year the GAA has an annual conference and there are always rule changes requested and some of these happen. It claims that it is the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world, but there are dozens of other sports that are truly amateur. All players are amateur, and are students or have regular jobs. The GAA is unique in that it draws it members and supporters from one ethnic religious group , that of the Irish Roman Catholic faith. The Irish Protestant community are in no way whatsoever involved in the GAA, due to the GAA close links to both the Catholic Church , and various elements of violent and non violent Nationalist/Republican politics. The GAA are the only body involved in sport in the world that forbids the use of it clubroom's , grounds , stadiums etc , to other sports , particularly Football and Rugby. This is due to their hatred of all games deemed foreign , British or English. The GAA up until recently barred any member from belonging to , playing or spectating at so called foreign games. The GAA is regarded as a dinosaur of sports, and despite been in existence for over a century , has been unable to extend Gaelic Games beyond the captive Irish Catholic community.

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