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An anti- siphon co2 bottle is a co2 bottle where a brass hose is pointing upwards, so liquid co2 will not enter the marker. A dovetail is a way of attaching your ASA (Air Source Adapter, aka where you screw your tank in). Instead of screws, a dovetail ASA is mounted using rails.

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Q: Is anti siphon CO2 the same as an asa dovetail?
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Do you have to use nitrogen with an ion paintball gun?

Yes, Ions only run on High Pressure Air (aka nitro or nitrogen) CO2 will not work. actually if you get your hands on a regulator off a vibe or sp1 the ion will be safe to use with co2 since the vibe and sp1 are the same as the ion except with a different (and co2 friendly) regulator, however it is almost required that you have a Anti-siphon tube installed in your co2 tank in order to get the whole system to work well together

How can you tell if your Co2 tank is siphon type?

There are two ways to test if your Co2 tank is a siphon type tank. (1) Look on the side of the brass valve for either an "S" for siphon or "DT" for dip tube that would be used to draw the liquid from the botom of the tank. Either of these would indicate a shipon type valve. (2) If you do not find the "S" or "DT" on the valve there is a good chance that it is not a shipon tank. You can do a second test to verify this. With the tank upright and securely supported, open the valve and watch the discahrge. If it looks like snow and falls to the floor you have a siphon tank. If you get just gas and no snow, it is not a siphon tanks. Caution Co2 is very cool and and burn skin. Be sure to protect yourself when performing this test.

What will happen if you remove syphon tube from the CO2 fire extinguisher?

If you remove the siphon tube from a CO2 fire extinguisher, the extinguisher will not work properly. The siphon tube is responsible for drawing and releasing the CO2 gas from the extinguisher. Without it, the CO2 gas will not be able to flow out effectively, rendering the extinguisher ineffective in suppressing fires.

How are carbon and CO2 the same?

Carbon and carbon dioxide, CO2 are not the same. They are not even similar. Carbon is a black solid. CO2 is a colorless, odorless, gas.

Can you switch from compressed air to CO2 in a paintball gun?

Yes, but it is highly recommended that you use HPA instead. CO2 with this marker may cause re-cocking issues as well a pressure spikes. It will defiantly cause a decrease in pressure consistency. It is recommended, if you need to run CO2, that you use an anti-siphon tank or a vertical tank with remote line to decrease liquid intake.

Where does water plants get CO2 from?

CO2 dissolves into the water the same as oxygen.

Does CO2 and SO2 have the same empirical formula?

No, Compounds with the same empirical formula have the same elements in the same ratio. SO2 and CO2 contain different elements. SO2 is a compound of sulfur and oxygen while CO2 is a compound of carbon and oxygen.

Is Copperhead brand Co2 cartridges the same as Crosman Co2 cartridges?

Yes they are all the same just different brands.

Is co2 the same as carbon dioxide?

Yes indeed! CO2 is in fact the same as carbon dioxide. The "C" in CO2 is the elemental symbol for "Carbon". The "O2" means that there are TWO oxygen molecules.

What is ozone and CO2 are they the same?

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen (O3).CO2 is the carbon dioxide.

What are the types of Co2 cartridge?

All Co2 cartridges are the same, they are just different sizes.

Can a raven primal paintball gun run on co2?

It can if the CO2 tank you have is anti-siphoned, but your taking a risk. It is best to run the marker on HPA (compressed air, Nitro, whatever you want to call it.) The CO2 could ruin the solenoid.