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Q: Is androstene a banned substance by NCAA?
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Is Expanizite a NCAA banned substance?


Is diamethazine a banned NCAA substance?

yes it is one of the worst ones there is out there

What is an androstene?

An androstene is a monounsaturated derivative of androstane which is the basis of many steroids.

Are cortical steroids banned in the NCAA?

Steroids of all form are banned in the NCAA.

Is the Xtreme HGH supplement legal by NCAA rules. I've been wondering around the internet looking for some protein powder when I stumbled upon the Xtreme HGH by XPI.Seeing if it is legal by NCAA?

Without knowing what all is in the product I cant say, however, HGH is a stimulant and an anabolic agent and both are banned by the NCAA. The NCAA explicitly bans the following classes of drugs ... * Stimulants * Anabolic Agents * Alcohol and Beta Blockers (banned for rifle only) * Diuretics and Other Masking Agents * Street Drugs * Peptide Hormones and Analogues * Anti-estrogens * Beta-2 Agonists They also add this disclaimer ... * There is no complete list of banned substances. Any substance that is chemically related to the class, even if it is not listed as an example, is also banned. You should ask someone who it knowledgeable with the rules of the NCAA about this substance.

Is moringa oleifera on the NCAA banned substance list?

My understanding is that a fairly recent ruling cleared it for use. I heard some high school coaches talking about it. They were pretty excited.

Was Kentucky basketball banned from NCAA tournament?


Is rpn havoc banned by the NCAA?

yes its a steriod

Is androstene the same as androstenediol?

From my understanding, androstenediol converts to 1-test inside the body. The target hormone for both androstene & androstenediol is 1-test but androstenediol only needs to convert one time in the body to become the target hormone where as androstene needs to go through two conversations. So to answer your question, androstenediol is def the better of the two and I would say androstene is more of a water down hit or miss androstenediol.

Is force factor 2 legal in the NCAA?

yes it is. if you look at the supp facts and compare it to the ncaa banned list, there's nothing in factor 2 that's banned by any major sporting organization, including the ncaa. got a bunch of college friends on that stuff.

Is melamine a regulated substance or a banned substance in the marketwhy?

banned as it causes genetic mutations and is bad for the human body

Why is the cf4 banned from NCAA?

Because it is a composite bat like the nike cx2 and miken freak, and easton speed. the ball has a much faster exit speed of these bats that the ncaa banned them because there are such good hitters