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yeh its okay for beginers nd intermidiates

sunday bikes are better

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Yea I got a eastern cobra

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eastern is better

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Q: Is an eastern bike a good bike?
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How much would an Eastern bike cost?

depending on which model, a new eastern bmx bike would cost anywhere between 400 to 600 for a good bike. check out this is where i get everything for my bikes

What bmx bike would you recommend?

eastern have some good bikes check out winstanleysbmx

Is the eastern wolfdog good?

I'm guessing you're talking about the bike? It's really cool!

Is the 2011 eastern mothra a good bike?

The bike is pretty great. I've had it for a week, and so far its awesome. its really light, and durable. so i do recommend it.

Are eastern bikes the best bike?


What are some bmx bike brands?

haro fit s&m eastern and Sunday are all good brands

Which bmx bike is better subrosa or eastern?

m opinion, the eastern.

What is the best bmx bike for dirt?

if you want a bike for trails and dirt go for an eastern trail digger or a fit bike

What are the best bmx bikes for freestyle?

Get a mirra co., we the people, fit bike co., stolen, or eastern. all equally good

Is eastern a fine bike for bmx racing?

Its ok but you might wanna get a racing bike after awhile

What is the best brand of bmx?

kink, sabrosa, Fit. Co, KHE, GT, We The People, Premium, Eastern. These are good bike brands. From £250+

Is The Verde Eon bike 2010 a good bike?

Good for price get it