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It is the second best tech deck brand.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-07 13:21:15
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Q: Is alien workshop a good skateboard deck?
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Is alien workshop a good skateboard brand?

yes alien workshop is one of the best skateboard brands around.

What is the best skateboard for flip tricks?

****Answer**** They are all pretty good but i can definitely say Alien Workshop is the best all around. =P

Are alien workshop wheels good?


Alien workshop skateboards good?

Yes! I have a Alien Workshop board and it has lasted me 2 years and i skate hard.

Are alien workshop boards good?

yes yes yes

What are some good names for a skateboard deck brand?

what about lush

What is the best brand of a skate board?

From personnal experience alien workshop, enjoi (good pop), or element as they have different types of skateboard, for example mine is a thriftwood make and is srong but light.

Why is it good if a skateboard has good pop?

the better the pop on a skateboard deck, the higher you will go when you ollie, kickflip or do any flip trick :)

Is girl a good skateboard brand?

Girl is the best deck brand out there.

Are alien workshop skateboards good?

yes alien workshop are the best skate co. in the world!! better than everyone!!$$ yeah alien workshops are the best skateboards I've ever used.

What is a good pro skateboard to buy?

there is many skatboards here are some companys ; alien workshop, blind, element, active and many more. im 13 and im actually trying to make a LEGAL skateboard company i already made a few designs

What brand carries a decent skateboard?

It depends on your style a few good companys to try are; Birdhouse, element, Zero, plan B, Chocolate, powell, Blind, Girl and alien workshop all pretty good brands.

Is a shaun white skateboard good?

yes a shaun white skateboard is good. tough grip, trucks, wheels. and deck. nothing is wrong with it

Can 7.75 skateboard trucks fit on a 8.0 skateboard deck?

A: You Could but You couldn't primo flip and stuffA: Not a good idea. Your trucks should be the same width as your deck.

What is a good skateboard deck?

I have had many, but the best would have to be an almost impact deck with a 7.6 to a 7.75 width. (opinion)

How are the alien workshop decks?

They are very nice. They have very good pop to it. Recomended.

Is 7.63 size skateboard trucks good for a 7.5 deck?

yea bro do it

Is the Element Rasta Burn Skateboard Deck any good?

No element boards are good they are to heavy

Is the Zero New Blood skateboard Deck good?

An awesome board it should last you a while

How do you make your own skateboard deck?

very carefully you have to be a good wood worker to get the curvature of the wood right.

Is an osprey pro skateboard good?

No,do not get one,I have one and it broke instantly! And the deck is very bad quality

Can 775 skateboard trucks fit on a 788 skateboard deck?

yeah bro they will fit smaller trucks are good for wider boards man just skate it up

What are good skate boarding brands?

I'd personally go with an Element or Toy Machine deck, Independent trucks, Lucky bearings, and Spitfire wheels. If you're looking for clothes, Volcom makes a lot of cool stuff that isn't too expensive. In my opinion, I prefer Alien Workshop or a Girl deck, Independent trucks, Reds or Reflex bearings, and Spitfire, or Alien Workshop Wheels, with Lakai shoes. you have bad taste zellers and walmart decks are the best i can tre on that crap

Who was the first person to do a handstand on a skateboard?

probably Rodney mullen, he is so good street he's like an alien!

How do you buy a good skateboard?

its cant be perfect but try to buy one with a durable deck, strong trucks and wheels.