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yes alien workshop is one of the best skateboard brands around.

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Q: Is alien workshop a good skateboard brand?
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Is alien workshop a good skateboard deck?

It is the second best tech deck brand.

What is the best brand of a skate board?

From personnal experience alien workshop, enjoi (good pop), or element as they have different types of skateboard, for example mine is a thriftwood make and is srong but light.

What brand carries a decent skateboard?

It depends on your style a few good companys to try are; Birdhouse, element, Zero, plan B, Chocolate, powell, Blind, Girl and alien workshop all pretty good brands.

What is the best skateboard for flip tricks?

****Answer**** They are all pretty good but i can definitely say Alien Workshop is the best all around. =P

Alien workshop skateboards good?

Yes! I have a Alien Workshop board and it has lasted me 2 years and i skate hard.

Are alien workshop wheels good?


Is Hectic a good skateboard brand?


Is adrenaline a good skateboard brand?


Is Vision a good skateboard brand?

depends on the person but overall its a good brand...

What is a good pro skateboard to buy?

there is many skatboards here are some companys ; alien workshop, blind, element, active and many more. im 13 and im actually trying to make a LEGAL skateboard company i already made a few designs

Are alien workshop boards good?

yes yes yes

Is street grind a good skateboard brand?

Street grind is practically a bad brand. I suggest you to buy Hercules skateboard