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Q: Is ajantha mendis and jeevan mendis brothers?
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Are both the Mendis playing cricket for sri lanka brothers?

Ajantha Mendis and Jeewan Mendis are not brothers

What is Ajantha Mendis's birthday?

Ajantha Mendis was born on March 11, 1985.

When was Ajantha Mendis born?

Ajantha Mendis was born on March 11, 1985.

How old is Ajantha Mendis?

Ajantha Mendis is 26 years old (birthdate: March 11, 1985).

When was Jeevan Mendis born?

Jeevan Mendis was born in 1983.

Fastest bowler to get 50 wickets in sri lanka?

Ajantha Mendis.

Which bowler has been the Fastest to 50 ODI wickets?

Ajantha Mendis (Sri Lanka)

Who was chosen as emerging cricketer by ICC for the year 2008?

Ajantha Mendis of Sri Lanka.

Which Sri Lankan player has been awarded with emerging player of 2008 by ICC?

Ajantha Mendis

What do you mean by carom ball?

a ball dilivered by a spin bowler using his index finger and next two fingers -e.g deliveries of Sri Lankan bowler Ajantha Mendis

Who has the record to get 50 wickets in minimum number of matches?

In Test Cricket, Charles Turner of Australia took 50 wickets only in 6 matches and in ODI, Ajantha Mendis of Sri Lanka took 50 wickets in 18 matches.

When was Ajantha - film - created?

Ajantha - film - was created in 2009.