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Q: Is active sport better than passive sport?
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Can we change 'used to' structure in to passive voice If yes so how If no why not?

Active voice is much better than passive voice in writing.

Are active 3D glasses better than the passive 3D glasses because they have battery and are more expensive that active glasses seem to be more sophisticated and reliable?

Active 3D glasses are far better than passive glasses when used with an active 3D television. Similarly, passive 3D glasses work well with passive televisions. Active glasses have been criticized for their weight in the past. Later glasses are lighter than many passive glasses, have a battery life of over one hundred hours and are proving to be exceptionally reliable.

Why is active range of motion exercises better than passive range of motion?

NWB stands for non-weight bearing. Also active ROM is better than passive ROM because your patient is involved in their more in their care and also they are working their muscles more.

How is active transport diffrent than passive transport?

Active transport does so at the cost of the cell, passive transport does not.

What is a passive microphone versus an active microphone?

Active mic usually has battery in it and gives way better sound recording quality than passive one. This is smart microphone if you will and I'd recomment to stick with active if you're doing audio recording or movie at home.

Does passive immunity last longer than active immunity?


Why are passive 3D TVs cheaper if they are better than active 3D TVs?

Because they aren't better than active 3D television. Both have their advantages. Passive televisions use polarizing glasses to separate the left and right eyes' images. The effect is that the perceived resolution is cut in half to 540 lines, less than the 576 lines of older standard definition images.

Why is facilitated diffusion considered a passive process rather than an active process?

there is no requirement of energy for this motion so it is a passive process

What does the passive voice mean?

I will answer your question shortly. I will use the passive voice rather than the active voice. You will understand the difference between the two quite clearly. Grammarians will identify this paragraph as active voice. Your questions will be answered shortly. The passive voice rather than the active voice will be used. The difference between the two will quite clearly be understood. This paragraph will be identified as passive voice.

Is an active or a passive hub better?

Passive Hubs These hubs are nothing more than point contacts for the wires that make up the physical network. An example of this would be a punchdown block that is a simple plastic, unpowered box used to plug network cables into it. Active Hubs Active hubs are a little smarter than the passive hubs we saw. All You might also come across the term "concentrators" which are basically active hubs, concentrating and strengthening a signal as it enters and exits the hub.

Is the way sugar enters a cell if there is more sugar outside the cell than inside the cell passive or active?

Passive (just guessing)

Whats the conclusion that passive transport is easier for cells to complete than active transport?

Active transport requires the cell to expend energy. However passive transport occurs because of a gardient.

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