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Q: Is a volleyball player spiking a ball kinetic energy?
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Is a bicyclist pedaling up a hill kinetic or potential energy?

kinetic energy

Is a player allowed to touch the net when spiking a ball in volleyball?


How do you snap a volleyball?

When hitting or spiking a volleyball, a player "snaps" his/her wrist in order to hit the ball harder and more downward. This is done by "breaking" the wrist immediately after the ball is hit.

What is a net foul in volleyball?

A net foul is when a player from a team hits the net with their hand or arm when blocking the ball or spiking the ball.

What is the meaning of outside in volleyball?

Outside is the outside hitter. When a player yells "outside" they want the setter to set the ball outside which is actuall the left front row player. A team may also say outside if the opposing team is spiking the ball and it is their outside player that is spiking it.

When a baseball player throws a baseball he transfers kinetic energy from his body to kinetic energy in the ball Where does the baseball player get his kinetic energy from?

The kinetic energy comes from potential energy, which he got from ATP energy, which is produced through food. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy after the muscles contract and relax. Sources: School science

Volleyball definition for pass?

a pass is the ball hitting the middle of your fore arm and it going to the other player so they can set and another person spiking it.

Energy is usefully transferred from a personal audio player as?

kinetic energy

How can a volleyball player practice spiking without anyone with them or without a wall?

You can practice by juss doinq the action. It really helps. I play volleyball and it gets you used to doinq the action when you are actually going to spike the ball . Hope i helped =]

When a baseball player swings its bat what kind of energy does it have?


How do you test volleyball skills?

Serving, spiking, blocking and passing are the main thing we have to test a volley player ,you should also check how many points he is taking in serve ?/25

When the football is snapped which player will have the smallest change in kinetic energy?


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