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Q: Is a vine maple leaf compound or simple?
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What has the author Cathy Vine written?

Cathy Vine has written: 'Gardens of shame' -- subject(s): Male sexual abuse victims, Maple Leaf Gardens Ltd, Victimes d'abus sexuels

What vine has a 5 pointed star shaped leaf?

Look into Chocolate Vine, Five-Leaf Akebia, Raisin Vine (Akebia quinata) and see if that ,may be your vine.

What is another name for jungle vine?

There are several names for jungle vine. They are jungle grape, water vine, giant water vine, and the five leaf water vine.

How do you defeat Grudon on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky if you are a bulbasoar?

it's simple, you just need bulbasar to learn vine whip,absorb, and at least razor leaf.

What eats the vine maple plant?

The rare species called the "mara" does not eat them.

What are dionysius' symbols in greek mythology?

The greek god Dionysius's symbols are a grape vine and a leaf from the grape trees. The greek god Dionysius's symbols are a grape vine and a leaf from the grape trees.

What level does Meganium learn vine whip?

Meganium does not learn vine whip. Meganium learns other grass type moves such as razor leaf, magical leaf, petal dance, and petal blizzard.

What plants dominate the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State?

The most common plant found in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State are the Sitka spruce and the Western hemlock. Coast Douglas-fir, Western red cedar, big leaf maple, red alder, vine maple, and black cottonwood are also found throughout this temperate rainforest.

Is a grape leaf deciduous or coniferous?

A vine is a deciduous plant.

Is a cabbage a vine?

Nope, it's a leaf plant. LOL hope I helped.

What does kalaiekea mean in hawaiian?

1. the white vine (or white vine leaf) 2. the pure cross (crucifix)

Can a green bean grow without a seed leaf?

No. The seed sprouts and the vine grows from the sprout. The green beans grow on that vine.

What moves does snivy learn?

vine whip, mega drain, tackle, giga drain, leaf blade, leaf storm

climbing vine." Adjective or Verb?

In this case "vine" isn't apart of "climbing" which is a verb. Typically, nouns can't create compound verbs or adjectives.

What are compound words for the word vine?

only one grapevine

Is cabbage a vine?

Nope, it's a leaf plant. LOL hope I helped.

What will you use to make a banana leaf bag?

Banana peel leads vine tinkering

What is ash's Bulbasaurs moves?

solarbeam razor leaf vine whip leech seed

What tree has three fat finger shape leaves?

vine with three finger leaf

Will cantaloupe ripen off of the vine?

No cantaloupe does not ripen off the vine. Wait to pick it until the leaf right next to the fruit shrivels up and falls off, or wait until the fruit falls off the vine.

What are Seattle area maple tree types?

The most common wild variety is the Bigleaf Maple- the reason for the name is obvious! They are huge trees with huge leaves. You also see a lot of Vine Maple on hillsides. Planted varieties in people's yards could be anything.

Are Sweet potato leaf in salad?

The younger leaves and vine parts are sometimes eaten as "greens".

What is ash's favorite move from his Bulbasaur?

Its a tough match between Razor leaf and Vine whip.

What English words to do with Greece start with V?

vine leaf wraps, a typical Greek dish.

What are those appetizers with the leaf wrapping?

What about vine leaves?