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Tinted football visors are allowed in most, if not all high school football leagues. Some leagues or divisions require a signed doctor's note to allow the use of a tinted visor, while others don't.

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Q: Is a tinted football visor allowed to be worn in high school football?
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Are dark tinted visors allowed in Texas high school football?

They are not allowed in texas. But you can wear a clear visor.

Is a tinted football visor allowed to be worn in middle school football?

No, my friend had to take his off and the ref was yelling at him at one of our games..

Is a football visor allowed in high school football?

it should be

Is a tinted football visor allowed to be worn in youth football?

you just have to get a doctors note but people fake it. So, Yea

Is a tinted visor allowed to be worn in high school lacrosse?

no because doctors, athletic trainers or emts have to check your eyes for pupil dilation if you get hurt

Can you wear a tinted visor in lacrosse?


Is a football visor allowed in SC middle school football?

ask your coach i think you can though but make sure its clear not black or anything

Can you wear a chrome tint visors in a football game?

No you can not, you can wear a tinted visor and get a doctor's note but not a chrome one.

Can you wear a 20 percent grey visor on your football helment in middle school football?

No has to be clear threw high school

What is the difference between a clear football visor and a 60 percent grey football visor?

the clear football visor has not color or tint to it. while the 60 percent grey visor has a grey tint to it.

Can tight ends wear visors?

Under NFL rules, any player may wear a visor as long as it's untinted. Special approval (and usually a doctor's prescription) is required for tinted visors. NCAA (college) and NFHS (high school) rules go a little further in that they also specify that the visor must be "rigid" (and, as far as I can tell, there's no provision whatsoever made for tinted visors; the visor must be clear and untinted). However, they don't place any restrictions on which positions are allowed to wear them.

Are football Mirror Visors good for you?

there are no problems with them, guys like LT and dawkins wear them , it doesn't bother them. (Actually LT and Dawkins don't wear mirrored visors they wear the dark tinted black oakley visors) Wearing a mirrored football visor is alot like wearing a normal tinted football visor because behind the mirror there is a certain tint to the visor if you want to check it out you can find out what its like by checking out the sunglasses tints on the oakley website. The only difference is that it reflects the light away from your eyes while tinting instead of just tinting. There is nothing harmful about wearing them besides they look sweet. They are banned from virtually all football leagues because the excuse that if you get a concussion they need to see your eyes yet you are allowed to wear a black visor. The only time it could probably ever bother you is at a night game if you are a receiver.

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