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its not legal in ny if you bring it with you .If your at your house and leave it there then its legal.

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2011-03-07 04:52:22
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Q: Is a switchblade legal in Ny?
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Are 2 inch blade switchblade knives legal in new york?

No, all switchblades are illegal in NY and you will be charged with: CRIMINAL POSSESSION OF A WEAPON IN THE FOURTH DEGREE - SWITCHBLADE KNIFE

Can you buy switchblade legally in Florida?

Yes it is Legal to own and carry a Switchblade in the state of florida.

Is it legal for ems personnel to carry a switchblade in Maryland?


Is it legal for a minor to carry a knife in MA And I am not differentiating between a Swiss Army knife or a switchblade just a knife in general.?

it is legal to carry a knife there but not switchblade or butterfly.

Can an active duty soldier legally carry a switchblade in the US?

No, a switchblade is not legal in most states and is not allowed to be carried by soldiers.

Are switchblade kits legal in Canada?

switchblade kits are legal because they are not fully assembled and therefore not a weapon if you do assemble it il is still legal to have because you didnt buy it assembled. im not sure if its legal to carry around asembled or not.

Is it legal to own a switchblade knife in Connecticut?

It's legal if its under 1.5 inches

What is the Legal age to have a switchblade?

If you live in africa, yes it is. Otherwise, no.

Is it legal to carry a switchblade knife in Missouri?

No, switchblades are illegal.

What is the closest knife to a switchblade that is legal in Australia?

italian steleto

Is a switchblade comb legal?

Yes it is Only Its Not Allowed in California

Is it legal to carry a switchblade knife in North Carolina?

It is legal unless you take in government buildings

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