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NO!unless you are just getting into paintball.

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Q: Is a striker cybrid paintball marker a good gun?
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Is the cybrid striker a good paintball gun?

No. Cybrid has a reputation for poor quality guns that do not last after many games.

Is s JT cybrid paintball mega kit a good gun?

No. Cybrid makes very low quality markers. You will get a better investment saving money and buying a more expensive marker.

What is a marker on a paintball gun?

Ok, considering the last person didn't give you a good answer, here's mine. The paintball "marker" is the proper term for the gun. It's called a marker because it "marks" what it shoots.

Is the sniper 2 a good paintball gun?

yes, its a fairly decent marker

Is a 5m recon a good paintball gun?

No. It is below even the standard for starter marker.

What is a cheap good paintball marker?

There are several paintball guns that are cheap and meet basic functions, none of them are "good." tippmann 98, azodin kaos, spyder mr1, are some of these markers.

Is sw1 paintball gun a good gun?

It will preform the same as the bt4 and the tippmann 98. It is a beginner marker, so compared to the entire market it is not "good" I is however an excellent starter marker.

Is the paintball gun spider victor a good paintball gun?

No. It is an entry level, mechanical, semi automatic marker. You can get better reliability from a tippmann or azodin of similar price.

What is a good paintball gun around 200?

tippmann army projet salvo is a very nice marker and it is 150

What is a good site that has a good BT paintball marker builder?

sakworldpaintball. There are no flash builders like the opsgear a5 builder for bt products

Is a Proto SLG a good paintball gun?

its a decent marker but a horrible value, for the money you can do much better in todays market

Is a jt staelth paintball marker good?

It is a decent marker, from a neutral standpoint. The price is pretty low, and it is a pretty tough marker. The only problem is that JT doesnt really produce it often, and aftermarket upgrades are rare.

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