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Q: Is a strike more than a spare in bowling?
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Why is that Wii Sports - Bowling from the Nintendo Wii gives you more Strikes than Wii Sports Resort - Bowling?

More than likly the bowling activity was not made using the same code so what is considered a strike zone in Wii Sports is larger then that of resort. PRobally a diffrent programer or the programer didnt copy and paste the lines of code for the bowling.

Which of this object that has more inertia Bowling ball or tennis?

A bowling ball has more inertia than a tennis ball but tennis probably has more inertia than a bowling ball.

Why does a basketball accelerate more than a bowling ball?

A basketball is lighter than a bowling ball.

What is a leave in bowling?

The easy answer is anything other than a strike, because it leaves the remaining pins standing.

Why is a bowling ball harder to move than a golf ball?

A bowling ball has more mass and is pulled by gravity, creating more resistance than a golf ball.

Does a bowling ball have more mass than a marble?


What is more of a sport dancing or bowling?

i wuold say dancing because u hav 2 put in more energy than bowling.

How do you wrte a sentence using spare?

we won the match with a just more effort to spare than other team.

Are bowling for soup punk?

They are more pop-punk than punk.

Why does a bowling ball have more mass than a basketball?

The basketball is hollow.

How is duckpin bowling different from tenpin bowling?

Because the pins are shorter, squatter, and lighter than that of the tenpin. The bowling ball is also a lot smaller and there are no finger holes (similar to that of candlestick bowling). Scoring is more difficult because there is less control.The pins are arranged the same way as tenpin bowling. However you have 3 shots per frame to knock down all the pins. A strike is made when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll. A spare is made when all the pins are knocked down in two rolls. If it takes all three shots to knock down the pins, then you get a score of ten but no bonus.Scoring works the same as in tenpin bowling and a perfect game is still 300. As of 2008 a perfect score has still not been recorded.

Why does a heavier bowling ball roll faster than a lighter bowling ball?

there is more momentum and it depends on what your arm swing speed is when you throw a bowling ball because on your follow through there is more momentum going with a heiver ball rather than a lighter ball

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