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Q: Is a step grandchild considered a descendant of their step grandparent?
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If grandparents were married before a grandchild is born does the child become step grandchild or grandchild of the grandparent with no children?

Biologically, the grandchild is a step-grandchild to the grandparent that had no children. In matters of the heart, however, the grandchild is whatever the grandparent feels it is.

Can a step-dad keep a grandchild away from their grandparent to enforce punishment on the grandchild?

If the step-dad has or shares custodial authority, he can prevent the child seeing grandparents for any reason.

Can a step-dad keep a grandchild away from the grandparent?

If he has not adopted, he probably has no legal rights. You should talk to a local attorney. They can give you the best answers for your situation.

Does a step granchild have rights under a Will of their step grandparent?

They have rights if the step grandparent left a specific gift in their Will. However, if not mentioned in a Will they have no legal rights in a step grandparent's estate.

Is a step child considered a descendant?

You have asked an interesting question. There are different answers depending on the context in which the question is asked. The scientific and legal meaning of descendant is all the persons who have descended from a common ancestor. In this context, a step-child would not be considered to be a descendant. However, for purposes of inheritance, a legally adopted child and their issue are considered descendants. A step-child in a blended family who has not been legally adopted is not considered an heir at law. To a genealogist who is researching a family line, an adopted child would be noted as adopted and not a descendant of the blood. Similarly, to a medical researcher who is examining a troublesome medical history, an adopted child in the family line would not be considered a descendant.

Is step grandparent a real word?

No, the word step grandparent is a bad word. It disrespects yourself, your GRANDPARENT and your entire family for that matter. The term step-grandparent describes someone who marries a grandparent after your parent is born, so a person who is stepparent to your parent. It is not widely used but is a perfectly acceptable descriptive word.

Who is your husband's daughter's grandchild?

If the daughter is biologically related to you, it would be your great-grandchild. If your husband had his daughter before he married you (which would make her your step-daughter), it would be your step-great-grandchild.

What relation is your grandchild to your step grandchild?

The grandchild of your grandmother's first cousin is your third cousin. The grandchild of your grandmother's second cousin is your fourth cousin. The grandchild of your grandmother's third cousin is your fifth cousin.

What is the term for my daughters niece through marriage?

They would be your step-grandchild.

Is a child considered a legal descendant of the step-father if the step-father was listed on the birth certificate as the father?

You are considered the legal descendant, for purposes of inheritance, of the parent who is listed on your birth certificate. However, someone supplied false information at the time of the recording of the birth and that issue may come up in the future. A court order could change the situation but until that time the birth certificate would control.

What relation is my step-grandads son to me?

First cousins, as you share a common grandparent.

What kin are you to your step daughters child?

They are still your grandchild even if only by marriage and not blood