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A softball can be hard and soft, depending on the type you get. A softball is about 3 times the size of a Baseball.

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Q: Is a soft ball hard or soft?
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What ball travels farther a hard ball or low impact ball and why?

the hard ball, because it maintains its aerodynamic shape more easily than a soft-ball.

What is compression in golf ball?

The compression of a golf ball is basically a measurement of how hard or soft it is.

Is baseball hard or soft?

Get hit by one and tell me. A baseball is relatively hard, but not as hard as a golf ball, but harder than a tennis ball.

How is a soft ball made and what is it made of?

soft balls are made when you get kicked in the balls hard and made with sperm

Is a soft or hard football better for soccer style kickers?

Well for me it is rather a medium-soft then hard. Because hard hurts your feet and you will regret being it. So if I were you I would buy a soft ball!

What is compression of a golf ball mean?

The compression of a golf ball is basically a rating of how hard or soft it is. The lower the compression the softer the ball is.

How much air pressure does a soccer ball have?

not too hard or soft just right for perfect control of the ball

What goes farther a flat ball or a hard ball?

the hard ball gose further because its harder than the soft ball so it pushes all the wind out of the way wich mackes it easier to travel.

Will the pressure in a soccer ball affect the distance it travels when kicked?

Yes, it depends how hard or soft you kick the soccer ball

Is volleyball hard or soft?

it depends on how hard u hit it now if u bunt the volley ball its really soft but if u hit really hard or someone throws it to u really hard and u hit it yes its hard...

What bounces better hard or soft rubber band ball?

you want a soft rubber band ball with strechy rubber bands,but you also want to be carefull that you dont make it to big and to small

What is the difference between soft and hard information?

soft information is soft . hard information is hard.

Is rubber hard or soft?

It can be either. Consider a hockey puck. And consider a Nerf ball. Both are rubber.

What is the difference between soft ball and baseball?

my answer is that soft ball is for girls and base ball is for boys. The reason i know this is because my sister played soft ball when she was young.

How do you say soft ball in spanish?

We called it soft ball in spanish too.

How do you hit a ball really hard?

First you eye ball the tether ball lift it up twice and then hit it not to hard or you will mess up only hit with your wrist when serving then you will win and hit it hard. Also don't hit hard hit soft. Sincerely Tether Master 101

What is basketball pass?

no comprendo. be more detailed.It means to give the ball to someone else that is a few feet away from you. You do that by throwing the ball not hard but not soft at them.

Is breakwater hard or soft engineering?

it is hard and sometimes soft

How far can you hit a softball?

my opinion it is pretty hard hitting a soft ball far but i can go about 20 metres

Why do balls bounce higher on hard surfaces?

The ball is stop by soft surfaces,therefore it won't bounce as much.

Why did they name the softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.

Why it is called volleyball?

VOLLEYBALL comes from the word VOLLEY which means to bump or hit and a ball is a round hard/soft object.VOLLEY+BALL=VOLLEYBALL. VOLLEYBALL+ME= my life.

What is the different of soft bones and hard bones?

soft you can bend and hard you can not

Is gold soft or hard?

Gold is soft and hard, gold is hard when it has metal plating and soft when there isn't metal plating.

Are igneous rocks soft or hard?

Igneous rocks are mostly hard, not soft.