Is a smash shot an open skill?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Is a smash shot an open skill?
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What is an open skill and a closed skill in netball?

Open skills generally deal with changing or varying aspects of a game (eg. a pass, a shot, a hit, etc.), while closed skills generally deal with the predictable or "set" aspects of a game (eg. knowing the set or predetermined plays/routes to run). So an open skill could be ones ability to follow and abide by plays that the coach/team has set, compared to an open skill such as ones personal ability to handle the ball, or shoot. There could be different examples for each

How do you get Rock Smash skill in Pokemon diamond?

from the digger

What is meaning of drive in skill badminton?

The drive in badminton is an attacking shot that is normally played from the sides of the court. when the shuttle has fallen too low for it to be returned with a smash. The shuttle will be between the shoulder and knee level.

Is rock climbing an open skill or closed skill?

A closed skill is often more complex than an open skill.

Why is netball an open skill?

Badminton is considered an open skill because it is a motor skill that is performed in a changing environment.

What are some Names of badminton strokes?

clear, drop shot, net shot, smash

Is a marathon and open skill or closed skill?


What is a smash shot in badmiton?

something like a spike

What skill can break rocks in Pokemon shiny gold?

Rock smash silly.

Where is the smash hit glee shot?

Hollywood, California in the studio

How do you break open a highlighter?

you smash it

What is a smash shot When would you use it in a game?

A smash orb appears randomly during a fight. If you were to break it by attacking it you could use a final smash. To activate your final smash press "B".