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The "Bread Basket" term refers to the goalies catching glove.

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Q: Is a shot in hockey to the goalie's mid section called bread basket?
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What is it called in hockey when they puck goes through the goalies leg?

Five Hole

Did 2 goalies ever play in net at the same time in a hockey game?

I believe there's two goalies in every hockey game.

How many goalies are in ice hockey?


Who is the patron saint of hockey goalies?

There is no patron saint of hockey goalies. However, Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletes and Lydwina of Schiedam is the patron saint of ice skaters.

Who uses the biggest mitt in the pros?

Hockey goalies

Hockey team size?

The average size of a hockey team would fluctuate between 17 players (15 players and two goalies) and 23 players (20 players and three goalies).

Is it called goal nets or post in ice hockey?

The goalies net is just called the net in hockey. Then the posts are just called the posts, or the iron. But the crossbar is also part of the iron. The iron around the net is usually always red. (that is, in the pros)

Why do hockey goalies change goals?

He skates to the other side?

What is a hockey card?

a card that has a players/ goalies stats and his picture

What are the positions in floor hockey?

There are six people on each team in floor hockey. The three positions in floor hockey are forward, defense, and goalies.

What are the types of hockey goalies?

There are three groupings of hockey goalies: Butterfly, stand up, and hybrid. Butterfly goalies prefer to make a save on their knees (as they like confidence in stopping low shots). Stand up goalies prefer to make a save standing up (as they feel that they have more mobility and ability to make positioning adjustments). Hybrid goalies are a combination of butterfly and stand up. They follow a certain technique to determine when to stand and when to go down.

How many hockey players are on team Canada hockey team?

about 23. 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards

What do goalies on ice hockey do?

Their primary job is to keep the puck from going into the net.

How many players in each team hockey?

22 including both goalies.

Do goalies wear jocks underneath their uniforms?

Yes, definitely. lots of ice hockey goalies wear two cups. A regular cup jock and then a special goalie cup over top of that. Usually the size and speed of the puck or ball being shot at the net determines wether a goalie would need to wear a goalie cup. Lacrosse and ice hockey goalies wear cups but soccer goalies generally dont wear a cup

What is lacrosse a mix of?

Hockey and soccer, but a lot of hockey. Here is a list of what they have in common. Crease for the goalie Contact Goalies have big sticks fast stratagy goalies protect their neck offsides call penalty time wack people with sticks use sticks

Why do ice hockey goalies have the same color jersey as the team?

they play for the same team

What do hockey goalies do when they have to pee?

Unless they have a potty in their suit they go during their shift of players.

What are the red lines behind the goalie net in hockey?

The goalies cant touch the puck in the corners (outside the lines) or they get a penalty, designed for less collisions between goalies and players

Where can one buy skates for hockey goalies?

One can buy skates for hockey goalies at sports stores such as Modell's, Dick's or any skate shops at local ice rinks. One can also purchase these skates at online sites such the sports stores' online website.

What equipment do ice hockey goalies wear?

Standard equipment pretty much consists of:Legs PadsBlocker (the thick pad that goes over the arm of the hand that is holding the goalies hockey stick)Trapper (the 'glove' or 'bread basket' that a goalie wears, similar to a baseball glove)Mask (Goalies where a mask that is designed to protect them from the puck from all different angles) Some masks have a throat protector, a section of plastic that hangs off of the mask that is intended to keep pucks from hitting the throat area.Chest Protector (pads worn under the jersey that covers a goalies chest, stomach, and arms)Goalie Skates (special skates that have a longer blade for stability and a protective outer shell)Goalie Jock (similar to typical jock with extra padding around abdominal area)

How many men are on the ice on an ice hockey team?

12 including goalies unless there is a penalty.

How many people are allowed on an nhl hockey team?

20. 18 skaters, and 2 goalies.

Do hockey goalies have bathroom breaks?

Nope. They just have to go before they put their equipment on. If they have to go in the middle of a game, they have to tough it out. Some goalies, and even some players, however, do go to the bathroom in their breezers.

How often players are change in hockey?

The standard shift for skaters (non-goalies) is 30-60 seconds