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depends on the sport, but in Baseball yes he is out. its called bean-baging

EDIT: No. Baseball is not Kickball. A baserunner is not out if he/she is hit by a thrown ball as long as the baserunner is in the base path. If the runner is considered to have left the base path as so to interfere with a thrown ball, or made some other purposeful effort to impede the flight of the ball (ie, stick his/her hand or leg in the way), they can be called out for interference. This is a judgment call made at the discretion of one of the umpires. However, a baserunner is considered automatically out if struck by a batted ball.

And as far as I know, bean-bagging is not a term used in baseball.

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Q: Is a runner out for interference if accidentally contacted by a thrown ball?
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Runner runs into fielder in basepath catching thrown ball?

The runner is out for interference.

Is it catcher's interference if the bat hits the glove on the follow through?

Yes, interference will be called if the umpire judges the catcher hindered the batter. If the ball is hit and the batter runner successfully reaches first and runners forced to advance or were stealing a base advanced the interference is ignored. If the batter runner is thrown out the manager has the option to accept the outcome of the play or accept the interference call placing the batter runner on first. If other runners are on base the manager's choice will affect them too. Accepting an interference call would require non-forced runners to return to their base. Consider a runner on third with no or one out when interference occurs. The batter runner is thrown out while the runner on third scores. Accepting the interference would require the runner scoring from third to return to third.

What happens if a base runner intentionally interferes with a thrown ball?

Runner is out. Other runners must return to the base they occupied at the instant of the interference. If the runner was trying to break up a double play, the other runner is also out.

Is a runner considered out in baseball if he gets hit by the ball?

yes unless he is standing on the base It is also interference. Y-THINK-Y These answers assume we are talking about a batted ball (not clear from the question). A runner hit by a ball thrown by a fielder is not out, unless his interference with the throw was intentional. It is NOT interference if the ball first passes a fielder other than the pitcher. EXAMPLE: If the runner were to be running behind the fielder, and the ball went through the fielder's legs and hit the runner, the ball is live and there is no interference. A runner hit by a fair batted ball while standing on the base is out.

If a runner is thrown out attempting a triple is the runner credited with a double?


Is it a dead ball if the ball is thrown to first base and hits the base coach?

MLB Rule 5.08 is pretty clear: If a thrown ball accidentally touches a base coach, or a pitched or thrown ball touches an umpire, the ball is alive and in play. However, if the coach interferes with a thrown ball, the runner is out.

Can he advance after he is hit by a thrown ball if it goes out of bounds?

NO... anyball landing foul is a foul ball and is a dead ball ...Clarification:the way i read this question is "if a thrown ball hits a runner and goes out of play can the runner advance?" -- If this is the question you are asking, then, yes, a runner can advance on a thrown ball that goes out of play. Runner will be allowed to advance 1 base after the ball goes out of play. The only time this wouldn't be the case is if the runner was running to 1st and the ball hits him and it is deemed interference, he would then be called out.The question is a bit unclear, so it really depends on what you are asking

Can a runner run over the short stop when the short stop is receiving the ball and not totally in the baseline?

If he is fielding a batted ball -- then no the runner cant run into him or it will be "Runner Interference" -- if the SS is catching a thrown ball at a base then the runner has the right to "run over" the SS if it is in an attempt to reach the base or continue running to the next base

What is the penalty for fan interference in baseball?

sometimes you can get thrown out

Is a runner out if a fielder throws the ball and hits the runner?

No. A runner is out if hit by a batted ball but not out if hit by a thrown ball.

If a thrown ball hits a runner is he or she out?

No...unless it is determined by the umpire that the runner purposely interferred with the throw, the runner my be called out for interferrence.

If the ball hits the runner stealing home plate is he out?

No... The base runner is never called out when the ball is thrown and hits the runner ...

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