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No, unless his knee also touches the ground at the same time.

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Q: Is a runner down if the football touches the ground?
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In Mississippi high school football if a runner hand touches the ground is he down?


Is a player down in the nfl if the football touches the ground?

yes or if one knee touches the ground

Is a college football player down if he touches the ball to the ground?


Are you down in football when your butt touches the ground?

Even though im a girl im pretty sure when any part of your body touches the ground your down.

Can a player running the ball touch the ball to the ground to steady himself without going down?

If the ball touches the ground, the runner is down. This is why 'the ground cannot cause a fumble.'

Is a college football player down if his hand touches the ground?

yes if his hand touches the ground he is down but only if he is touched by contact and then touches the groundNo. A player is down only when a part of his body other than a hand or a foot touches the ground, or when the officials rule that his forward progress has been stopped.

In football are you considered down when your hand touches the ground?

No. They are down when any other part of the body hits the ground besides a players' hands or feet.

Is a college football player down only if his knee touches the ground?

No ... if the shoulder, elbow, forearm, or wrist touch the ground the ball carrier is also considered down.

In football when is runner down?

when tackled by defense

Is a ball carrier down if his hand touches the ground?

The ball carrier is not down if his hand touches the ground. He is however ruled down if his elbow or knee touch during a run.

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a runner is what goes along the ground and a sucker is what sticks to the runner to hold it down and the plant runs a long the ground.

What are tornadoes called when they hit the ground?

A tornado that touches the ground is simply a tornado. Before it touches down it is called a funnel cloud.

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