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Q: Is a raptor 660 faster than a kfx 700?
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What is faster 700 raptor or 660 raptor?

Of course the 700 is faster than the 660 because the 700 is about 686cc and a lot of top end torque and HP and the 660 is about 600cc

What is faster 700 Honda trx or raptor 700?

The Honda is faster than the Raptor on straights.

Is the Yamaha raptor 700 faster than the predator 500?

Yamaha raptor 700 definetly

2004 raptor 660 will idle but not take gas what is wrong?

it is a 660 and not a 700

Will raptor 700 motor fit raptor 660 frame?

Yes it will i had a gytr 660r and put a raptor 700 motor on it

How heavy is a raptor 660?

A raptor 660 is about 450lbs. When the raptor 700 came out, many found it to be much faster. Not only is this due to the extra displacement of the engine (668cc to 686cc) but they used an aluminum frame instead of a steel one, reducing the weight to 398lbs The front end on a 660 is realy light perfect for wheeles

Is a kfx 700 faster than a raptor 700r?


How fast will a 450 Raptor go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast does the raptor 450 go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast will the 450 Raptor go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

What is is faster 700 raptor or 450 yfz?


How fast does the Yamaha raptor 600 go and is is one of the fastest four wheelers?

Did you mean 660 or 700? Either way the Raptor is "one of" the fastest quads, with a top speed around 70mph(660)-73/74mph(700).

What is faster a outlaw 525 or raptor 700?

The 525 is faster for racing. but on flat ground the raptor would be faster.

Where is the year made on a Yamaha raptor?

the 660 is 2001-2005 the 700 2006-

Which is faster raptor 700 or yfz 450?

the raptor will leave it in the top end but a 450 will spank it off the line, its made to rev way higher than the big engine on the raptor 700, with a few mods the 450 will dominate

Is a raptor 700 faster then a yfz 450?


What type of oil for a 700 Yamaha raptor?

yamalube but in my 660 i run 20/50 castrol

How fast will a 700 raptor go?

my friend has a 660 raptor, hers has stuff done to it ans hers clocks out at 94mph. i think a good 700 raptor will go 90+ will my raptor 700R goes 100+ mph but i also put after market stuff on it

What is faster a Yamaha 350 banshee or Yamaha 700 raptor?

the banshee 350 is faster. nope Yamaha raptor 700r is faster look it up on youtube.

Is a raptor 350 faster than a raptor 250?

the raptor 250 runs in circles around the 350 the 350s chassis is so much bigger and the body is the size of a 700 so it ways it down

What is 660 rounded to the nearest hundred?


What is faster a Honda 700 or a raptor 700?

the raptor has a lighter curb weight but the Honda has a better motor if i was buying one i would get the Honda. the raptor has electonic fi the Honda is throttle body you can beef the Honda up a little more than the raptor. but honestly they are both 700's and both crazy fast just the Honda has a better rider stance and isn't as high set as the raptor. more stable and comfortable on the trails

What is faster raptor 700 or predator 500?

Yes, raptor wins 100% of the time. Predators are not a very fast quad, but they do look amazing. Id like to race you sometime dude Because My predator has beat Raptor 700's and 660's left and right. My predator has a 15 tooth sprocket set and a K & N air intake. I guarentee ill hit about 92.

Will a raptor 660r beat a raptor 700?

Well obviously not as the 700 is bigger and better than the 600r but I suppose it does have an r.

What is faster a Raptor 700 or a LTR 450?

The LTR 450 will get the Raptor off the line and has better suspension, but it doesnt have what it takes to beat the Raptor 700 in a flat out drag race.