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Not really any pistol is good for paintball you want to get a 98 coustom or an alpha black if your serious me and my friend play and 98 costum works the best

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โˆ™ 2011-08-06 04:26:40
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Q: Is a pump action pistol paintball gun a good quality gun?
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What is good paintball store?

Action village, and Ultimate Paintball.

Are rebel paintball guns good?

No, they are fairly low quality.

Is the Kahr P-40 pistol any good?

Yes. It is considered a good quality pistol.

Are valken paintball pants good?

Yes, they are very high quality pants.

What brand of paintball pistol is the best for a beginner?

When someone is just doing paintball for the first time they need a paintball gun that is easy to use and light. The recommended one is a Tippman 98. Any of the variants will be good.

What is a cheep but good quality 22 pistol?

Cheap and quality are a contradiction. My suggestion for a REASONABLY priced .22 pistol would be a Ruger Mk III. These are going for about $250 on sale. The Browning Buckmark is another good quality handgun for a reasonable price.

What is a good cheap airsoft pistol?

about 20$, get a desert eagle, spring action. those are good.

How good is a m16 paintball gun accuracy?

There is no specific "m16" paintball gun. there are several companies that sell paintball guns with m16 rails and shrouds. besides this, the barrel and quality of paint are in general what makes a gun accurate.

Is the cybrid striker a good paintball gun?

No. Cybrid has a reputation for poor quality guns that do not last after many games.

What is a good paintball website? is a good paintball but for information is

How good do you have to be to play paintball?

Good at what? You cant tell how good at paintball you are if you've never played.

How good are rossi lever action rifles?

Decent quality.

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