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A plus 2 handicap is better than a minus 1 handicap as minus 1 would be a 1 handicap.

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Q: Is a plus two handicap better than a minus one handicap?
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A minus better than a b plus?

Yes, A minus is better than a B plus.

Is A minus better than B plus?


Is a c plus better than a c minus?

Numerically, yes.

What is a plus golf handicap?

This is where someones handicap is less than 0. When you have your gross score you actually add your handicap on to calculate your nett score.

What is one more than minus 5?

Minus five, plus one, equals minus four.

Do two plus signs make a minus?

In addition and subtraction, if the plus sign is larger than the minus sign, then it's a plus. For example: +10 minus -20 = -10 If the plus sign is smaller than the minus sign, the answer will be a minus. For example: -10 minus + 20 = -10 In multiplication, if you have 2 plus signs, the answer will be a plus sign. If you have 2 minus signs, the answer will be a plus sign then, too. But if you have a plus and a minus sign, then the answer will be a minus. For example: +5 x + 2 = +10 -5 x - 2 = +10 -5 x +2 = -10

What is better to say than handicap accessible?

You could say universally accessible.

Will someone explain the point quota scoring system for golf?

Subtract your handicap from 36. This becomes the "quota" that you must meet. You get 8 points for an eagle, 4 points for a birdie, 2 points for a par, 1 point for a bogie. These are gross scores on each hole. The goal is to get more points than your quota. The person with the MOST points OVER their quota wins.Example; You are a 16 handicap. 36 minus 16 is 20. 20 is your quota. If you get 6 pars times 2 and 9 bogies times 1, you have 12 + 9 = 21 points. You beat your quota by +1.The formula "36 minus handicap" is OK if all the participants' handicaps are for a course rating of 72. If contestants are playing different tees with different course ratings a better formula would be "36 minus handicap plus 72 minus course rating for tees played and where handicap was established." Example: Player A has a 0 handicap from the front tees, CR 66. Player B has a 0 handicap from the back tees, CR 72. With the conventional formula they would both have a quota of 36 points, but if both shot their handicap A would get +6 points and B would get 0. With the better formula both would get 0 points.

Is ruby better than php?

It is a matter of personal preference. Each one comes with its plus and minus points. You need to choose according to your requirements, skills and preference.

Letter grading Is a B better than a B plus?

B plus is better.

5 v minus 1 greater than 3 v plus 4 minus 5?

v > 6

What does the plus sign over the minus sign mean?

less than or more

Is an a better than an a plus?

An A is not better than an A plus. When people get an A on a report, they think it is a very bad grade. An A is not a bad grade, however an A would be much better.

How do you convert stableford points to a stroke score?

36 points is level your handicap. So you can simply add your handicap to par for the course, then if you have more than 36 points, take the amount you are over 36 points by and take this away from the total of par for the course plus your handicap. And if you have less than 36 points you add how many short you are to the total of par for the course and your handicap. However this will not work if you have had a hole where you were more than 2 shots over your allowance.

4a minus 3a plus 5 less than -7?

a < -12

What is less than zerominus?

In the real world "zerominus" is meaningless. Zero is neither plus nor minus. All minus (negative) numbers is less than zero.

What are the chances of a 25 handicap shooting an 82 on a golf course with a 72.4 rating and a 134 slope?

It's probably unlikely that the 25 handicapper will shoot that many under their handicap, but you never know. Depends if they are regularly shooting better than there handicap. Anything can happen in golf.

What are the odds of a 18 handicap shooting 5 under par?

If you are talking gross score it is statistically impossible. Depending on course rating and slope a 18 handicap golfer probably averages around a 95. Keep in mind that the modern handicap system is based on your potential to score, not way you average score is. A golfer should only shoot his handicap one out of five rounds. According to Dean Knuth who created the course rating system someone who is a 18 handicap should only shoot 10 strokes better than their handicap 1 out of 37000 rounds. Each shot better goes up exponentially. For example nine strokes better is 1 in 3577 rounds. To shoot 23 strokes better would be greater than 1 in a billion rounds.

Is minus more than no minus?

Minus is less than no minus. For example, -3 is less than 0 or +1.

What is minus 1 plus minus 1?

minus 1 (-1) and plus 1 (+1) are two integers. That is why, when -1 and plus one are operated or, are solved the answer is zero. as, on a number line the positive integers are greater than the negative ones. so, the sum would look like, +1-1 / -1+1. Using the addition property of an integer, +,- is equal to -. IE, plus, minus = minus. so it is -1-1=0and when +1-1 yet, 1-1=0 so answer is 0.

Is NH3 ionic?

It can be. If it is ionic than usually a plus or minus symbol will be attached to it to eliminate confusion

6x minus 3 less than 7 plus 4x?

x < 5

5x minus 8 greater than x plus 8?

x > 4

3x minus 6 less than 2x plus 3?

x < 9

What temperature is ten degrees higher than minus seven degrees?

It is plus three degrees.

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