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The Commisioner of Baseball can impose a fine for conduct deterimental to the game. Players have been throwing helmets out of anger for decades with no fine that I can think of. However, if a player did so while aiming at another player, a fan, or an umpire; I'm sure that would draw a fine and/or suspension.

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no. I've seen many people throw their batting helmets and stay in the game. I've had people on my team do that and stay in the game!

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Q: Is a player ejected from the game for throwing his batting helmet?
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In Major League Baseball 10 the show can you get ejected from the game?

In "MLB 10 The Show," yes you can get ejected from the game however the ejection can be the result of a player arguing a call with 1 of the umpires or it can even be the result of an umpire throwing a pitcher out of the game because he was throwing at too many hitters.

Can a player wear a batting helmet to play the field in Babe Ruth Baseball?


If a player deliberately dislodges an opponent's helmet during play in an ice hockey game is that player ejected from the game?

It depends on the severety and how the helmet was knocked off. If someone punches a helmet off, they may not even get a penalty (depending on the situation). If they use their stick, they'll be suspended for several games (maybe the entire season if it causes injury).

Who was the Last player to wear a batting helmet?

Bob Montgomery , Boston Red Sox 1979

Is it an automatic out when an ejected baseball player position comes to bat?

no... because if player on the roster is ejected the coach must immediately substitute that player for a player on the bench

Does a player have to leave the field after being ejected?

He is ejected and may be fined or suspended, but the game he is ejected from he can not return to that game

What is a specific skill you'd have to be good at to be a professional baseball player?

batting, throwing, catching, running, pitching, coordination

Can you tackle an NFL player with your helmet?

You cannot tackle another player with your helmet. You can in fact tackle another player leading with your helmet...the rule is that you cannot make helmet to helmet contact with another player. That being said it is unsafe to lead with your helmet in any situation due to injury probability, you risk neck and head injuries when you lead with your helmet.

Batting gloves part of uniform when they hang out of pocket if they should be hit by ball?

No. Should a player's batting glove that is hanging out of his pocket be hit by a pitched ball, the player is not awarded first base. That (batting glove hanging out of a pocket) is not considered part of the batter's body nor part of the equipment a player wears. If the ball hits the bill of the helmet, the player is awarded first base because the helmet is part of the equipment all players wears to bat.

Can a player receive a technical after being ejected?

After being ejected, a player may receive a technical if they refuse to leave or continue to harangue the officials or players.

Why does number 17 on the New York Yankees have a burnt helmet?

The dark color on Lance Berkman's or any other players helmet is pine tar. When a player uses a rag to put pine tar on his bat it gets on his batting gloves. When he adjusts his helmet during an at-bat the tar will be left on his helmet.

What is the rule for tackling a ball carrier by grabbing the helmet only not facemask and throwing him to the ground?

The player will get hit with a 15-yard flag and the coach may suspened him and he may be fined by the NFL.