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Q: Is a player allowed to touch the net when spiking a ball in volleyball?
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What are the first five volleyball drills?

Hitting(spiking), blocking, serving, passing, setting( the second touch)

Is touching the net allowed in volleyball?

No. When the ball is in play you are not allowed to touch the net.

Are you allowed to touch the net in volleybal?

no you are not allowed to touch the net in a game of volleyball. If you do, the ball goes to the other team and they get to serve.

Is a let serve allowed in a volleyball game?

Yes, It is allowed. But when the ball passes over the net brushing it, no player of either team must touch the net.

Can a player touch the top of the net in volleyball?


What are the faults of the player at the net in volleyball?

no part of your body can touch the volleyball net

Can a player touch the ball twice if first touch was a block in volleyball?


When is a player allowed to touch the ball twice in volleyball?

On the block, they are allowed to play it again if possible and they can double a ball on a hard driven ball if the motion is one fluent motion.

What body parts are not allowed to be used in volleyball?

All body parts are allowed to be used in Volleyball, As long as the ball travels over the net, it is a legal touch.

Can you touch the net while spiking the ball in volleyball?

No, you can't touch the net at any point in the game otherwise the ref will call it and the point goes to the other team. I have done this many times but I am now an excellent volleyball player probably the best on my team. Not meaning to brag, but I'm pretty good I mean I can jump serve and stuff but that's EASY.

How many hits are allowed to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

Three, not including a touch at the block.

Why volleyball called volleyball?

Volley means to keep something off the ground. In volleyball the ball is not allowed to touch the ground. So essentially volleyball "keep the ball off the ground". I hope this helped. :)

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