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No, it is as if it never happened.

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Q: Is a penalty counted in the stats if it is declined?
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Are penalty trys counted for bonus points?


If quarterback throws a pass beyond the line of scrimmage and it is intercepted can the penalty be declined and the interception stand?

Yes the interception would stand, but no, there wouldn't have been a penalty.

What is the correct penalty enforcement spot for an illegal forward pass after team possession has changed?

The penalty for an Illegal Forward pass is a five yard spot foul and loss of down. If an Illegal forward pass is intercepted, the penalty would be declined. There would be no enforcement of the penalty.

When there is pass interference does that count as a completed pass?

yes as long as it gets caught. you can throw a pass that is a loss of 30, it's still a completed pass.

Is it considered a penalty in the stats when a kickoff is kicked out of bounds?

yes it is considered a penalty.

Does a 401k early withdrawal have to be counted as earned income?

Yes it is income, plus you will be assessed a penalty.

Who committed the first penalty in super bowl 45?

James Farrior of the Steelers was offside on the third play of the Packers first possession in the first period but the penalty was declined. The first accepted penalty was a block in the back on a punt return later in the first period by Ryan Mundy of the Steelers.

Is there a website you can go and get stats on penalty's in the premiership?


Personal foul - roughing the passer on no. 96. That penalty is declined. 2nd down?

The only time the offense would decline that penalty, would be if the resulting play advanced them more than 15 yards down the field. Either way, they would have a first down.

What is the fee the IRS charges for early withdrawal on retirement funds?

There is an early withdrawal penalty of 10% of the amount you withdrew. Keep in mind that this penalty is in ADDITION to the fact that in most cases the withdrawal will also be counted as taxable income. So you will pay income tax on it AND a 10% penalty.

Can a football game end on offensive penalty?

yes but the game can only end on a defensive penalty if it is declined by the offensive team

Where is an offside penalty assessed on a punt return before the ball is snapped?

it would take place at the line of scrimmage and the team that is not guilts of offsides will get the option to accept or decline the penalty, if declined, the play stands as called, if accepted, the play would be redone 5 yards deeper