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Not the best combination if you are seeking long range accuracy.

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Q: Is a match grade barrel and a gas piston system a bad combination due to pistons accuracy loss?
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Is a 16 inch match grade non chrome lined barrel together with a Osprey Defense Mid Length Piston System a bad combination due to pistons loss in accuracy if it is not for very long range shooting?

Unless the piston system puts additional stress on the barrel (which most don't), or unless the gas block has a larger contact surface with the barrel than the standard gas block/front sight base, it won't affect barrel harmonics, so any loss of accuracy won't be there. Recoil tends to be slightly increased with the GPU, but the change isn't drastic. As for your question, I'd have to ask what kind of shooting you're intending to do. Unless you're going for really precise shooting or competition, a match grade barrel for short ranges is a bit of a moot point in itself.

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