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i don't think so but i could be wrong

actually, they are. my skate board is a last exit with, skulls and a union jack on the bottom. so yes they are real.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-18 19:34:52
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Q: Is a last exit skate board real?
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How can you tell a real skate board from a fake skate board?

fake skateboards are straight in the middle and real skateboards curve up then down

How much does a real skate board cost?

It depends of the skateboard

What skate deck is better baker or real?

I would say baker, but it all depends on your needs for a board.

How can one become a real skater girl?

Becoming a real skater girl involves getting the right equipment such as a skate board, safety gear, skating shoes and helmet. Then once you have gotten all of that, all that is left is learn how to skate.

Are the 30 mongoose skateboards harder to learn on than a 100 board pre-built at a real skate board shop?

Yes it is harder just go to FOD and get a complete

Are darkstar skateboards heavy. I have a darkstar red cross board and i think its pretty heavy is there any other light skate boards?

Plan B, Element, Real,

When where and how was the ripstick invented?

it was invented in 2008 by walmart and it was invented with metal and plastic.. walmart invented something to TRY to compete with real professional skate board name brands.

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How can you tell if a skateboard is fake?

The way you can tell that a skateboard is fake is that if it doesnt have grip tape (the black rough-smooth part). Also if it has pictures on both sides of the board. And if the picture or design is not a real skate company.

Is toysRUs skateboards good as a real skate shop?


Is the ouigiia board real?

The ouiji board is real. What kinda question is that?

What are some good skate boarding games?

Depending on what console you're going to play these games on, Skate and Skate 2 are really good skateboarding games that are more realistic and fun to play on Xbox 360. Tony Hawk games are also really fun games to play, on any console for that matter, and his newest game, Tony Hawk Ride is where you stand on a real board and use that as the controller for the game. My favorite skateboarding game in my perspective is either Tony Hawk's Project 8, or Skate 2. Both for X-box 360.

How is skateboarding a real sport?

Yes, It is they actually have tournaments for skate boarding.

What is a skate shark?

It is a shark on a game.And the game is called real fishing

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1080 real skate boards?

theyre not "name brand" boards like zero or something but they are basically exactly like one... I had a 1080 board with bad trucks and bad wheels on it... anyway later I bought a nice board with ventura trucks and spitfire wheels and I broke the nose so I replaced it with my 1080 and it works just fine, I can do tricks just as well

Is the ouiji board real?

yes, it is very real

Is the hall of meat off of skate real?

Yes. It's 100% real ground beef with no additives, preservatives, or fillers.

What is zendaya real last name?

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Average price for skate boards?

About 100 dollars for the real ones that are made out of alluminium and glass.

What website sHow is a real vampire?

No.Because Vampire Dont exit

What are the best skate shoe?

See, that's an opinion theres no real answer for it, but in my opinion because i skate too, The DC's all the way.=0 -Felicia.:D I love that answer ;-)

Is holy skate a real skateboard company?

yes, holy skate is a legal entity in the state of California which makes and sells skateboards. they also spearhead lobbying efforts to promote and support skateboarding and skaters.