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it depends on the type of ktm there are all different kinds of ktm 125's

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โˆ™ 2010-02-11 20:18:19
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Q: Is a ktm 125 better than kx 85?
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Is a Yamaha dirt bike better than a ktm dirt bike?

ktm is way better than Yamaha........ the ktm 85 sx is probably the best bike in the world

Would ktm 125 plastic fit on a ktm 85?

The plastic would not fit the 85 because the 125 is a larger bike not only engine size but body size too.

Is there a ktm 110?

yes there is the ktm ktm 85 ktm 110 ktm 125 ktm 150 ktm 250 ktm 500

Is a yz 85 faster than a sx 85?

yes, top speed of a yz 85 is 140km/h top speed of the ktm 85sx is 104km/h, however the ktm is better in performance and got softer stocked suspension

I am looking for a new dirt bike but I cant chose out of a kawasaki 65 or 85 or a ktm 85 and what are the specs I need to know what one. i am getting 1 in 3 weeks. please answer soon i need to know?

I myself have a KTM 85 and love it. KTM is by far the best for little motocross bikes but is not a good beginners bike. The KTM is also bigger than the Kawasaki and overall a better bike. I would chose KTM 85 for someone 10 to 13 years old.

Should I get a KX 100 or a KTM 105 and is a KTM 105 that much better than a KTM 85?

Kx 100s are easy and cheep to fix. Ktms are great motorcycles but they can be more expensive to repair. Kx 100

Hopw much would you expect to pay for a ktm 85 05 - 08?

I would pay £800 for a 05 ktm 85 £950 for a 06 ktm 85 £1050 for a 07 ktm 85 £1200 for a 08 ktm 85. They are very good bikes and i have a 2008 ktm 85 and they are great if you get one you will love it.

Will KTM make 2 strokes in 2010?

Yes, for 2010 KTM will have a full line of motocrossers. They will have a 250, 150, 125, 105, 85 std, 85 big wheel, 65 and the 50. Check the link below for pictures of the 2010 lineup.

Where can I get help with my 85 KTM clutch?

I dont really no how to start off on a KTM 85 SX

Is a kx100 or a ktm 85 faster?

The KTM 85 is faster but much more difficult to take care of.

How much engine oil do you put in ktm 85?

How much engine oil do you put in a ktm 85

Will a ktm 65 clutch cover fit on a ktm 85 sx?

no it does not

Is a ktm 85sx faster than a yz 85 both stock On a long run?


What is a good motorbike for a 13 year old?

crf 100f, ttr 125, dr z125l, klx 140 or ktm sx 85 hope that helps :p

What is better a KTM 105SX or a KTM 125SX or a KTM 144SX and for what purpose?

Well, the ktm 105 sx is a juniour racing bike that goes in the "85 cc class", they have designed the 105 sx to have just that extra power to beat the 85 sx in its class. The 144 sx is pretty much the same consept as the 105 but it is in the 250 f and 125 cc class, they have a full size frame and again more kick in the top end to get you going. But personally, i think the "better" bike is the 125sx, i have one my self and it has just the right amount of power in the top and bottom end. they are also more common, so theres no trouble with parts in your local mx shop. thanx Jules.

KTM 65 or 85 for experienced 12 year old?


What is the percent of 85 in 125?


What is 85 divided by 0.68?


What is thdiffrence with a ktm 85 and a ktm 65?

a 65 is more for riders 6-9 while 85 is more for 10-14 year old people

What is 85 percent of 125?

85% of 125= 85% * 125= 0.85 * 125= 106.25

What type of oil KTM 85?

KTM recommends Motorex Top Speed 4T 15W50

How much oil does a ktm 85 take?

500 ml

What is the top speed of the ktm exc 125?

With supermotard tyres about 120-135 km/h. It depends on riders weight, wind, tyre pressures and how fresh your piston is.

What is the best oil to have for the KTM 85 SX?

KTM recommends Motorex Top Speed 4T 15W50.

How much oil in ktm 85 sx?

KTM recommends .5L of Motorex Top Speed 4T15W50.