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A kilometer is 1,000 meters and they typical soccer field is 100 meters. Therefore, it would take ten soccer fields to be one kilometer, not 100.

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Q: Is a kilometer 100 soccer fields long?
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Do soccer stadiums have different sized fields?

Yes, soccer stadiums can vary from 100-120 yards long, to 50-100 yards wide!

Is a kilometer the length of 10 football fields?

about because 1 kilometer is 1000 meters which is about 1000 yards and each field is 100 yards so 1000 divided by 100 is 10 football fields

How many football fields does it take to make 1 kilometer?

Given that there are 100 yards in a football field, and that 1 kilometer is 1093.6133 yards (google calculator), then that would be reason to believe that 1 kilometer is 10.936133 football fields (1093.6133/100). However, if you are also taking into consideration the length of the field plus the length of the endzones, then 1 kilometer is 9.11344417 football fields (1093.6133/120).

How far is 10000 meters in miles?

10,000 meters is 6.21 miles. 1,000.00 meters is 1 kilometer. 10,000.00 meters is 10 Kilometers. 1 Kilometer equals 0.62 miles. 10 kilometers equals 6,213 miles One soccer field equals 100 meters so 6,213 miles like crossing 100 soccer fields, far enough to get tired.

How big are soccer fields?

The size of soccer fields vary. If you are playing in a U12 group or under your soccer field will not be regulation size. If you are playing U13 or higher you play on a regulation size soccer field. The kind pros play on.The field can be as long as 130 yards or as short as 100 yards. The field can be as wide as 100 yards. The minimum width for a field is 50 yards.

What is the measurement of the athletic field?

Different athletic fields have different standard measurements. For example, a soccer field has a minimum of 100 yards long by 50 yards wide and a maximum of 130 yards long by 100 yards wide.

How many football fields can you fit in a kilometer?

Assuming you mean from goal line to goal line, which is 100 yds: 1 kilometer = 5/8 of 1 mile; 1 mile = 1760 yds; 5/8 of 1760 is 1100 divided by 100 = 11 football fields.

If a pool is 100 meters long how many kilometers is it?

1 kilometer has 1000 meters, so 100 meters are 0.1 kilometer

How long is a kilometer on Minecraft?

100 inches

How long is a soccer field in feet?

The official soccer field size for adults can range from 50 to 100 yards wide by 100 to 130 yards long

How long are football fields?

100 yards

What is the standard size of a soccer field for juniors?

high school,college, and pro fields are 100 meters by 50 meters

How big is a soccer field?

A soccer field is 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.

What is about a kilometer long?

100 telephone poles end to end or half a mile.

Length in yards of a football field?

A regulation US football field is 120 yards; that's 100 yards of playing field and 10 yeards for each end zone.Regulation FIFA soccer fields are 100-110 meters (110-120 yards) long.

What is one tenth of one kilometer?

One kilometer = 1000 meters One tenth of a kilometer = 1000/10 = 100 meters

Is 1 kilometer longer than 100 kilometer?

No. 1 kilometer is only 1% of the length of 100 kilometers,

How long is a pro soccer field?

about 100 meters or less

How big is a professinal soccer field?

100 Meters long.

Is a soccer field 100 kilometers?

100 meters man....KMs would be toooo long

Do 100 meters equals 1 kilometer?

No 1 kilometer = 1000 meter Accordingly, 100 meter = 100/1000 kilometer = 0.1 kilometer

Is a soccer field bigger than a football field?

The length of the Football/Soccer field for international adult matches is in the range 110-120 yards (100-110 m) and the width is in the range 70-80 yards (64-75 m), while American football fields are 120 yards (109.7 m) long, that's including the 10 yard (9.1m) for the goal area on each side, by 53.3 yards (48.8 m) wide. Soccer/Football fields have more Square Yard play-area than American Football Fields.

Is one kilometer the same as 100 meters?

No. One kilometer is equivalent to 1000 meters, not 100.

What is soccer played on?

Soccer is played on a field, 110 yards (100 meters) LONG and 70 yards (64 meters) WIDE.

Length of a track around a soccer field?

It is 50 metres to 100 metres. :) This is actually the lenght of the field not the track.Track should be 260 meters i think but soccer fields vary in size so the track lenght varies too.