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The stick should reach somewhere between your chin and the tip of your nose when you have your skates on.

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Q: Is a hockey stick too small if you have to bend down to get the puck?
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Is ccm heat a good stick?

its probably the best stick for driveway hockey because the blade doesnt wear down but it is awful for ice hockey

How do you shave down a hockey stick like spezza?

The hockey stick is shaved with a blade. no--how do you shape the blade?--how do youn make the toe round and thin?

Do you tape your stick in inline hockey?

Well personally I've seen people tape there sticks for inline hockey< but i think it slows you down. however it keeps your stick from wearing down so it lasts longer

How do you do a flop on a hockey skate?

take a big wood clamp and bend the tongue iin half or more and clamp it down and wait about 2 days and the plastic inside will bend

Is a rattle in a hockey stick a bad thing?

no - all the rattle is, is a tiny bit of the inside that has flaked of which is moving up and down the stick in movement!

Corsage stems up or down?

Corsage stems most definitely down. If you bend your head and the corsage is on a lapel, the stems can stick you in the chin.

Can you still buy victoriaville hockey sticks?

Apparently the Victoriaville hockey stick company was bought by Rawlings 1997 and the factory was shut down a few years later.

How do you drop a hockey puck?

To shoot a hockey puck correctly you need to use your wrist allot and have strong arm and leg muscles. There are various ways to shoot a hockey puck one way is to bend your knees slightly, grasp the stick lightly, pul back your hockey stick WITH THE PUCK use your wrist and release using your wrist and kick you leg behind the other leg quickly. if you are unsure how to do this type of shot (wrist shot) check out this video. thanks go hockey!

How much force does it take to break hockey glass?

If you were think that it takes all your force to break you composite hockey stick think again. It actually depends how much the stick have has been flexed foe example if you stick has been flexed about 100 times you can get a really hard pass and the stick will break.

How do you repair a field hockey stick?

With duck tape or crazy glue! *Depending on the damage, a small amount of stick-repair resin (produced by some companies for the purpose) can be used to fill in worn-down areas or chips. Beyond this, there is no decent way to fix a stick, and you are better off getting a new one. To help prevent such damage, a small amount of the aforementioned stick-repair resin can be used to cover the hook (to stop wearing of the stickhead) and shaftguards can be applied to the stick to help stop chips occurring.

How do you get your toe to stick down?

Step 1. Go get some beets Step 2. grab your toe Step 3. bend your toe

How do you make hockey tape stick to the stick?

This is a pro technique (I read it in an interview with Jordan Eberle [from the Edmonton Oilers]): Use a puck to smooth down the tape to get rid of any air bubbles.