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The kinetic engery of the ball as it travels down the lane is one half the mass of the ball times it's velocity squared (Ek = 1/2mv^2). If both balls are travelling at the same speed, a heavier ball will transfer more energy to the pin(s) it strikes than a lighter one. Imparting more energy to the pins will cause them to move faster (and possibly bounce around more) after impact.

However, the key to pin action (having one pin knock down another pin) is really ball trajectory. The motion of the pins after impact is esentially determined by the location where the ball strikes the pins (1-3 pocket, 1-2 pocket, etc.) and the direction the ball is traveling (and spinning) when it does so.

The goal is to select the heaviest ball you can deliver consistently.

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Not necessarily. Many professional bowlers currently bowl with 14 to 15 pound equipment because of the large number of games bowled during the year and the advances in equipment design that allow the lighter equipment deliver an impact of a heavier equipment ball.

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Q: Is a heavier ball or a lighter ball the way to get more pin action?
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So the ball can pick up more speed. For example, if you drop a feather on the ground, it takes a longer time to fall than a heavier object, such as a notepad. A Bowling ball is heavier to gain speed faster.

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Why does a heavier bowling ball roll faster than a lighter bowling ball?

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If the ball is lighter than the hard ball, then it is because a heavier ball has more force when moving at the same speed as a lighter ball. If they weigh the same, then it is because in some instances, with certain materials, a hard ball with a lot of "ping" to it will bounce further than a rubber ball, due to motive energy being converted to heat in the polymers of the rubber ball, thus decreasing the total motive energy.

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