Is a handicap of 5 good?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, i think that is a good handicap. OK you are not a world class player but you most likely shoot around a few over every round. Keep it up, you clearly have potential.


While not actually true, you can (very) roughly think of your handicap as what you will shoot over par on an an average course on a good day. So a handicap of 7 should break 80 on occasion, which we could call quite good.

As additional context, the average golfer shoots 100, and the average golfer that tracks their handicap online is about a 15, so you would definitely be above average on both counts.

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The average male Golf handicap is 15.2. So yes, 8.5 is very much above average.

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no its not that is really bad u need a double digit answer

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Q: Is a handicap of 5 good?
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Is -1 a good golf handicap for an amateur?

Yes that is good. The lower the score the better. I cant even get below a positive 5!

Does being good at mathematics handicap you from chemistry and physics and engineering?

You HAVE to be good at mathematics to be good at chemistry, physics and engineering. It's not a handicap, it's a necessity.

Is a handicap of 125 good?

For men the highest handicap is 28 and 36 for women. So 125 is terrible and not possible.

What is the average handicap of a 10 year old?

i think a good handicap for a 10 year old is 28 and that is what i play of and i am 10 so i think 28 is good

What holes do you have shots on with handicap of 23?

A shot a hole on holes 1-18 on the stroke index or handicap holes, and then a further shot on 1-5 on the stroke index or handicap holes.

How many scores does it take to get a handicap index?

The USGA uses the lowest 10 out of your last 20 rounds to find your handicap.

Is being left handed a handicap?

No, being left handed is not a handicap. Left handed people lead very good lives.

Why should you respect a person who has a handicap?

It is not necessary to respect a person BECAUSE he or she has a handicap. It is common grace and good manners to do so with everyone.

What percentage of golfers have a 5 handicap or better?

six percent

Is a 21 handicap good for a 12 year old?


If your a 12 year old of 5 handicap is that good?

Yes, that is very very very good. If you keep practicing and get the right coaching you could be a very low amateur or even a professional when you are older.

Can you change the rules for your 700 vs matches?

Yes put it on 1 stock put handicap on have the computer have bad handicap and you have good handicap then just keep on pounding on the computer until you rack up 700 matches.